Knowledge Base - Success Key # 3: How to send an e-mail blast
  • Step 1: 

    Go to your give2gether campaign page then click on the "Management Area: link at the top of the page (look for the orange bar)


  • Step 2: 

    Look for “Mailing lists” at the bottom left of the navigation bar, and then click “Upload List”:




Important The uploaded file must be in CSV format (Comma Separated Values).

When importing a contact list, your list MUST contain "first name", "last name" and "email" column headers, regardless of whether your list includes first and/or last names.

Follow the column structure below and keep the first row header as column titles;



  • Step 3:

Upload the file from your computer, and give a name to the mailing list (e.g. “My Supporters”):



When your mailing list finishes uploading, choose the list you want to send the email blast to by double clicking it. Once your mailing list is displayed, verify that you have all the data fields appear as you expect them. 


  • Step 4:

Click on "prepare your email blast"


Step 5:

Schedule your email blast

Choose the invitation template you wish to send by selecting it in the "invitation temples" drop down menu. You will see a preview of the invitation in the window at the bottom of the screen. Enter the sender’s name and the sender e-mail address.

Note: It’s important who conveys the message, e.g. the director of the organization would do better than the name of the organization itself


When done click the “Send Email Blast” button.

Note you can schedule emails to be sent at a specific day/time in the future thus automating some marketing, which is our version of time travel into the future....