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The purpose of the "Next Generations to Holocaust and Heroism" association is to help Holocaust Survivors\ Victims in Israel & around the world.

About The Project

Let's light a candle in memory of the victims and of the survivors who have since passed away. Let us make their voice heard and perpetuate their personalities and stories, from the Holocaust period and from the Jewish world that was and no longer exists.

Commemoration in general and of that type in particular is the way to prevent interested parties around the world from denying the Holocaust, and to continue our struggle against anti-Semitism. We, their descendants and Next Generations, must make their story a Haggada, a "living legend ".

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Ruth Toister
7 months, 3 weeks ago

לזכר סבי וסבתי, דוד ושפרה ארליך מבנדין שבפולין ולכל בני המשפחה שנשרפו שאושוויץ.
מנכדתם רותי טויסטר

שי גלבוע
7 months, 3 weeks ago

לזכר משפחת אשר זליג שטרק ומשפחת ויטלה לבית טייכמן

נאוה ושכניה אניספלד
7 months, 3 weeks ago

לזכרה של חברתנו , מרים בן דב-(גפל) אייגס ששרדה את השואה זכתה והקימה משפחה לתפארה. הלכה לעולמה בינואר 2013

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Images from the Holocaust

They were there ..In the Holocaust - some victims, some of whom died later .. and some still survive among us

About ”Next Generations”

Next Generations to Holocaust and Heroism is an association grouping second and third generation descendants to Holocaust survivors (2-Gen, 3-Gen). Its main goal is to commemorate Jewish Holocaust and heroism and pass on to the next generations our survivor parents’ legacy about their life before the Holocaust, during the Holocaust and in its aftermath, written in their very blood and transmitted to us so we transmit it further on.  

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Join us and bring others: start your own community

Open a personal page, on which you can, via the various social media, connect all your friends and acquaintances to give back their voice to those whose voice has been silenced: tell their stories, upload photos and light a memorial candle.

The website enables each and every one of us to study the stories of victims and survivors of the Holocaust as well as the connection of various communities so that we can all experience the history of the Holocaust in a more tangible way. Connect to the personal stories of the survivors, victims and their families, learn about their lives, the various ghettos and camps in which they had been held. Explore their family, social and communal ties.

Together we will preserve their memory and pass it on to future generations.



Is the donation tax deductible?


 All donations to the "Next Generations" association are tax deductible under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.


What is the purpose of the Holocaust memorial site?


The site is a joint project of Next Generations, and Memorialine. The site is designed to record the memories of all the people who were in the Holocaust, for the sake of the next generations.

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