Traffic is king. And the more visitors that see your campaign, the better the chances are of them engaging and donating. Here are 6 keys to success

  1. If you have a Website, place the call to action on your site. We provide the basic badge for ("Start Fundraising or Donate Now"). 
  2. Social Media: Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts, They are a great multplier and  source of updates to an exponentially larger audience - Spread the word! Leverage your current events to gain more exposure. Share your news articles, latest independent research or your events and tie it to the importance of helping your cause. 
  3. email still works best - Existing donors and their friends: Utilize your email lists for volunteers, staff, donors, event attnendees, customers, etc., Send personal emails to your past and current constituents. There is no such thing as "too personal". The more tailored the email is, the better the response. Take the time needed to make the sample emails we provide your own. 
  4. Sponsors, partners and the community which you are supporting. Get them involved and engaged - encourage them to spread the word into their networks. Anyone can help your fundraising campaign. Untill you ask everyone, you won't know who your supporters will be. The goal is to create a buzz, quickly and easily. 
  5. If you can, create a short 30 second video promoting the campaign, upload to YouTube and share. Here's a Surprise: the videos with the highest impact and viral spread are homemade! No need to make a fancy production. Make it real, respectable, authentic and short. Address your needs and the problems solve. Apply for YouTube Nonprofit Program and use their assistance and resources. Launch your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn to boost relevant traffic to your campaign page.
  6. Get some digital PR: whether it's through a local newspaper/online article or high traffic news site that features the campaign. Try to get Bloggers, or simply opinion leaders you can reach out to and ask your BOARD members to do the same. Create a sense of urgency for your fundraising campaign. A short post on a popular blog can generate a chain reaction that will boost awareness for your campaign.
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