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Posted April 11, 2011 by Sari Burkes

‘Just do it’; i’m lovin’ it’; ‘Because you’re worth it’-a few wonderful examples of renowned and incredibly successful brand statements from over the years! A more recent tagline from the high-tech social world from yours truly: give2gether – Powering Philanthropy. 

So, the next question: What do non-profits have to say for themselves?


Non-profits are saying a lot, the word is out! Taglines: the trendy way to market your non-profit with a few carefully-selected, catchy, head-turning words. In addition to your name and marketing package, taglines are concise and witty marketing slogans, offering a speedy and peppy way to connect to your organization.


Examples of finalists from The 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Taglines Awards Competition, include Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research: Kids Can Cure Fun Run, LA Cancer Challenge, an organization which created a clever tagline with: Little feet. Big Strides. Another tagline finalist, Massachusetts Dental Society: Awareness campaign to educate the public about the important relationship between oral health and overall health developed this tagline: Your Mouth Can Say A Lot About You. In both cases, witty and succinctly written taglines describe their work in eight words or less! 


Here are give2gether’s suggestions for what to keep in mind while developing a tagline: 

  • Length: Taglines are meant to be short and to the point! Other info can be found in places like your website or Facebook page.
  • Associations and Connections: The tagline should allow audiences to make quick associations back to your non-profit. Include words and ideas that trigger thoughts related to your organization!
  • Sense of humor: Offer audiences a ‘feel-good’ moment. Spice up your tagline with wit and humor. Leave a smile on faces!
  • Impressions: What impression are you attempting to convey to existing and potential audiences? Align your tagline with the message you are striving to deliver to the world.
  • Practicality: Your tagline is meant to be used! Whether in connection to an event or day-to-day social media activity, create a tagline for multiple contexts.


 How can non-profits make the most of their taglines? Below are give2gether’s ideas:

  • Social Media: Use any opportunity to include your tagline throughout your social media channels. Tweet using your tagline, for example. 
  • Events and Conferences: Incorporate your tagline into all kinds of events. Over time audiences will gain familiarity and connection to your tagline. 
  • Day-to-Day: Build your tagline into your everyday language. Develop a tagline that can be incorporated into your non-profits routine and work.


Taglines build on the idea that less is more. Am I sensing the beginning stages of a tagline in the making? Is there room in your marketing mix for a tagline (they don’t take up a whole lotta space!)?


Please feel free to share your non-profit's tagline with us, and in the meantime, weʼd love to hear your feedback on our tagline: give2gether – Powering Philanthropy.

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