Knowledge Base - Step 3: Sharing your page

You have a ton of options for sharing and inviting friends.

  • a one-click social sharing is simple:


Ready for some prime time?? Not a social Network type of guy?

Click the blue "Invite" button beside the thermometer.

To email your friends, use the "Send E-mail" tab. Now click on "Add Contacts".



A pop-up window will show up, allow you to connect to your Gmail, Yahoo,
Hotmail, Linkedin, upload them or enter them manually. 



If you would like to just

Also, if you want to send out just a link to your own email or embed your link on a blog?

Click on "more" on your personal fundraising page and - Tadam !!  (see below)



To send a message to your friends via twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Yahoo!, or MySpace, use the "Send a Message" tab.

Want to learn how to send those custom, ready made emails to your friends in a click of a button? Care to create a significan't social impact? Here is how:



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