Knowledge Base - How to create a 60 sec video clip for our campaign page?

Wanna dazzle them?

Use video. Period. No better way to get immediate donor attention. If you have an advertising agency available to produce a short clip on a short notice, or have a great pro-Bono/low-cost video editor, you are all set.

If you don't, keep reading. We went shopping for self-service charity pricing Video creation tools, and here is what we recomend. 

What is Animoto?

Think of  as a MagiMix for preparing cool videos. Animoto automatically turns your images, video clips and music into stunning videos.It has a ton of great features like sound, titles, and much more on the nonprofit edition. We hope you would love it as much as we do!

Put all the ingredients and ... You got a cake! That is , a video ..!

It has a ton of great fres like sound, titles, and much more on the nonprofit edition. We hope you would love it as much as we do!

Register NOW* for Animoto for Nonprofits.

* It takes a few days to get approved, but then ... you have all the pro version benefits, 100% FREE.

Looking for some inspiration?

here are a few great exmaples created by non professional passionate fundraisers. 


  American Cancer Society

Susan G Komen for the Cure Susan G Komen for the Cure 

You can do that too. Here is how:

6 tips to get you going with your first Animoto video clip

  1. Put your most important content in the first few seconds of your video. This is what hooks your audience and makes them want to keep watching. Also, feel free to remix your video as many times as you’d like; pick the one with the best opening video affects.
  2. Be specific when selecting your content. The more you can create a personal relationship with your audience, the more memorable your message will be.
  3. Images that are shot horizontally (landscape) look awesome in Animoto videos since they fill up more of the screen than vertical (portrait) shots.
  4. The intro and exit are key. Open with your organization’s logo and close with a call-to-action button directing viewers to your website or event page.
  5. Keep your videos short (ideally less than 1 minute long). It’s tough to hold people’s attention for much longer than that, especially if they’re not currently affiliated with your group.
  6. Go beyond pictures! Upload video clips and add text slides when creating your video. This adds a nice contrast to the rest of your video and allows you to include relevant information for your audience.
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