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The Banner Maker

This is your MOST precious real estate of the campaign landing page. Treat it with respect...

Sticking to the fundamentals can take you from having a terrible campaign page to having one that people find hard to poke holes in. Apply them vigorously as you get started, then enhance as you move along.

  • The best banners can be created in 20 min or less.  is one that we LOVE.
  • Take our word for it. Even if you DON'T have a graphic designer , you create a professional looking banner in-house.
  • 1000+ templates to start from.
  • The default size for your give2gether campaign header banner should be 910x260px.
  • So now, here are a few examples of banners that work

SPNI banner

50 children at-risk need refuge this Passover  / 50 children at-risk need refuge this Passover




  • You want to add the SAME look-and-feel banner (maybe excluding the logo) prominently presenting on your homepage.

  • From email banner to Facebook or an ad through campaign landing page and onto your homepage, design, messaging and tone should be consistent with the expectations your user had at the time they clicked the link/banner. Your upstream email/post/link is the source, and using a river analogy, you should be drinking from the same stream at the end of the journey as you were at the start.

“Donʼt Bore Us… Get to the Chorus” (Roxette)

  • No one likes a babbler, and we only put up with it for the most part because itʼs our friend thatʼs chewing on our ear. When dealing with online prospects, you need to get right to the point with no muss and no fuss. 

  • Focus the visitors attention with a clear and concise headline. Imagine yourself walking in a busy downtown street. You glance at the newspaper vending machine to see a big black headline. If it captures your attention, you might stop, bend over and read it for a while. If itʼs really good, you might fish a dollar out of your pocket and actually pay for it. 

  • Conversely, if itʼs just a big page of small type with no visible purpose, you wouldn’t even break your stride. 

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