Knowledge Base - Donors/Champions getting stuck on login screen
Sometimes your donors/Champions would complain about getting a strange login screen ...

Don't panic :)

Here is some background.
The short hand (good news) that login screen is perfectly normal and based on industry standards, keeping your users privacy.
In some more details:
  • Returning champions/donors who have given to a give2gether campaign in the past and have a valid cookie don't see this screen.
  • First time users/supporters/donors are automatically logged in and don't see this screen.
  • The only time people will see this login screen are returning donors/champions who either
    1. manually logged out from give2gether
    2. started a private browsing session (no cookie identified)
    3. using a new device, (phone vs laptop, new computer, home vs office)
    4. using a different browser 
    5. manually deleted cookies/have cookies disabled
The above users are recognized through their email address and have to sign in to proceed.

For obvious reasons, allowing a donor to login into their account based on their email can create a security breach, hence the login for returning users/donors.

As mentioned, donors seeing this login screen have successfully donated through your payment gateway (IATS/PayPal/Authorize/NFG/ etc) and just need to verify their password to access their give2gether account, see their impact, invite more friends, etc.   Same with Champions.

If someone doesn't recall their password, they can always use the "I forgot my password"
link at the login screen.
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