Knowledge Base - Step 1: Before getting started

Okay, so you are ready to launch an online fundraising campaign. Now what?

How do you build an appealing and really successful campaign? How do you boost awareness and traffic to your campaign? Below are 6 crucial best practices you should follow:

  1. Just do it: Sounds familiar? Well, NIKE is using it as its tag line. How about "We try harder?" That's right, Avis. Now, what's yours? Seriously, for the web, your campaign tag line needs to be  boiled down to 3-5 words! Not an easy task, but a very important one.
  2. Your campaign title is really a "Call for Action": people like being told what to do. That's right - tell them what they need to do, they expect you to. After all, they want to know what you are doing with their money. Most people online don't read, they skim through it and look for the link or button to click make sure you tell them what is in stake, what change you are trying to achieve and how can they help to make it happen.
  3. Use the BLUF approach: BLUF stands for Bottom Line Up Front. You don't have time to tell a lengthy story - do your elevator pitch right at the top left corner of yur campaign,(the blue section).  Make sure you tell your donors what they need to do and why, then repeat what you just said. 
  4. Tell a story: personal stories are much better than general messages. People connect  to personal, simple, real life examples with simple explanations. Bring the stories of your supported community to the forefront. Place your testimonials, (written and recorded), on your campaign page and throughout your marketing materials. Share your success stories with your supporters.
  5. Be specific: Try to be unique. You have only 12 seconds online to win your donor's attention. You heard that right - Use those seconds wisely and tell your donors  What you want, When you need it, and Why. Be as specific as you can be. Avoid general terms - instead of "help us save the world" consider "Help Marie save 100 dogs by March 30"
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words: What about a video?  You can create an amazing 30 second video focused on your campaign. It is VERY easy and fun. 

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