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To easily create your Flash slideshow that can be used as your campaign's main graphic, use

  • Step 1: Make sure you add some powerful captions to each image.

Use 3-4 words, and mark the text in bold


  • Step 2: Avoid any fancy transitions (keep it to "fade in")


Important: Click on the "Settings" button to set the right size for all slides. Set it to 390 for the width and 250 for the height.


  • Step 3: save your work


The Frobee slide show is downloaded to your computer as a zip file - you need to unzip it, and upload JUST the Flash file to your give2gether campaign page.

  • When you finished building your slideshow, download it and save to your computer. The file is called
  • Now open the zip file and extract the flash file to your desktop (the one called slideshow.swf)
  • Now, you are ready to upload your flash presentation!


Go back to your give2getehr campaign page, and click the "edit" button on your the blue area at the top of your campaign page (see below)


Next, browse for *.SWF file you saved on your desktop, upload it and click save.

You are all set !!

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