Knowledge Base - How to customize your invitation templates

The best way to go about invitation templates is to treat it as a 5 steps marketing campaign with a minimum of 5 outbound emails, going to your email list.

To help you get going, the system auto generates a set of 8, ready-made invitation templates. You certainly want to customize them, language, images, logo, and mainly messaging.

They need to read well, and be concise.

They also need to be short (remember how you read your own emails).

So go ahead, click on any of the pre-generated invitation templates and start editing them.

Go to "My campaigns  Manage Sandbox  Invitation templates"


  • Customize any text/images you wish

Important: Include at least one link {Project URL}* at the first paragraph of each invitation. To learn more about Place Holders and how to use them in mail merge, click here.


  • Change the subject line and the availability dropdown to make this invitation available to the suitable audience, and click save.
  • To learn how to create a new invitation template, click here


* {Free text} and {Project URL} are place holders that work very similar to mail merge function in mail-chimp or constant contacts.

{Project URL} makes sure your donors would always get back to your campaign page, and tracking of important social statistics are kept.

{Free text} allows you/your champions/visitors to personalize by adding their own words when sending this invitation to their friends.

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