Knowledge Base - Step 2: How to double your donations

a 30 sec video clip is the most effective way to raise more money!


Step 1:

Sign in. (If you haven't opened a personal page, now is the can't record a video unless you have already a page setup :)

Now, look for "my give2gether" link at the top right corner.

If you aren't seeing the menu on the left, you may need to
choose the campaign you want to raise money for.

Step 2:

Under "My Personal Page", choose "Edit your Page"

Step 3:

Look for the Blue button with "Record via Webcam"











A video on your page can help you raise twice as much money! Record your 30-second personal video using your phone or computer webcam – speak directly to your friends and family, and let your personality shine through.

Keep your video warm and simple. OH....and most important: be yourself! Remember:

  • WHO: Introduce yourself
  • WHY: Explain the goal (why you’re raising money)
  • WHEN: Tell people what's the urgency. Why now?
  • Click on the "Allow" to let your webcam start recording


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