Knowledge Base - Step 1: Fundraising, as easy as 1-2-3

Helping your nonprofit is done best by telling others why did YOU choose to support this cause.

You do so by simply setting up your own fundraising page and becoming a champion.


The good news:

  • It only takes 5 minutes
  • You can set your own fundraising goal, and ask your friends to help you reach it.
  • You can track your progress and see how your friends support you.

Step 1: Become a Champion

Look for the orange button labeled "Start Fundraising" or "Take the Challenge"


Step 2: Setup your give2gether account

You can skip registration by using any one of your social sign-in (Google, Facebook, twitter, yahoo, LinkedIn, etc)

or create an account by filling out the registration information


Step 3: Create your Personal Campaign Page

  • Upload a close-up photo of your nice smiley face
  • Personalize your message - make it truly YOURS. End with your name and a nice thank you note.
  • Choose your pledge: an amount that you believe you'll be able to raise through your friends, family and colleagues (optional)
  • Add a phone/contact number so the organizer can get a hold of you if needed

Stop reading. No seriously, stop!

Now that we got your attention, this is by far, the most important step so DO NOT skip it, even if the boss is calling, or if your best friend just texted you.

  • Click "SAVE"


Your fundraising page is almost ready - but wait... it could get MUCH better - If you spend 30 sec and dare to record a video clip, you can double your impact.


Want to know how??!!

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