Knowledge Base - What are Place Holders?

A placeholder marks the location within an email where information pulled from another source will display, making it look different to each viewer.
Most common example is when a recipient views an email, they see their own name in the greeting, but you see generic text {Friend Name} where the name will appear. In this case, information is pulled from your contact list to fill in the recipient's name.

So, why use Place Holders?

It is all about personalization ...

If you happen to have a link on one of your invitations with the hard coded URL (see the image on the right), you LOOSE all the tracking and smarts of  give2gether ..... :(

If you do want to track, who invited, who clicked, who donated, on which page, and who gets the credit for all the good, then ...
The right way to do that is to always use the Project URL place holder

1) open the "Link list".

2) Choose Project URL

Finally, this is how you will know your link are set properly, when the URL field shows {Project URL}.

This is also relevant to any image you want to link back to your campaign/event


Where are Placeholders Present?

Placeholders are present in several areas of invitations templates and thank you notes. You will specifically see them when you are editing the layout of your email, but your recipients will not even know a placeholder is there...

How Do I Identify a Placeholder?

Special Parenthesis {-----} surround the specific text that will display differently to you and the recipient.


What Does the Placeholder Look Like to an Email Recipient?

The author of the invitation sees:

The email recipient sees:




You can view a preview version of what your recipients will see by clicking the "Save and Test" button while editing your email. the Place Holder values will be replaced with "temp" real values, simulating the real email. In the example above, the place holder {Friend Name} is replaced with "Dave"

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