Knowledge Base - Step 4:Pre Launch Checklist

Ready to rock? Well, you are almost there!

By dry run we mean having a full circle of all your campaign activities performed by you, as if you are an ordinary Visitor, Supporter, Donor and Fundraiser.


Following these simple 6 steps will ensure you are set for success.

Besides getting familiar with what your supporters are about to experience, the dry run is the best way to ensure everything looks and feels the way you want it to. Make sure to got through all the steps ahead of your camaign launch.

1. Send Test Invitations:

    • Make sure your email invitations are all calling for action, with short and specific subject lines. If you haven't customized your invitation templates, do that now. Remember to test them all and only use placeholders such as {Project URL} for links, {user name}, {friend name}, etc
    • Send test invitations to yourself and to a few team members. To do that, click on "save and test", so yu can see a real preview of how your email will look in yur inbox.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to sign out from your give2gether admin account, then open the invitation in your inbox - see how it looks, and check that ALL links work properly

2. Make a real test donation:

    • That's right, a REAL donation, This will make sure your billing connector (Authorize.Net, Sage Payments, PayPal*, IATS or Network for Good) is setup properly.
    • Test using a real Credit Card, and complete a test donation from start-to-finish, to make sure everything works and that your billing gateway is hooked up properly.
    • Make sure you receive a receipt via email from PayPal, IATS or Network for Good (you should receive it in your inbox/spam folder within minutes). Double check that all your campaign details are recorded properly on your receipt. You will also get an automatic "thank you" letter from give2gether.

3. Become a champion:

Click on the orange "Start fundraising" button. Add your photo and personalize your message. Make sure to have at least 5 other friendly fundraisiers alongside you. Making sure there are fundraisiers there when you launch the campaign is crucial to get additional people excited to raise money for your organization.

4. Customize your page

Make sure your page stands out! Take the time to have your graphic designer come up with a killer banner! Here are a few sample banner for inspiration.

5. Seed your campaign:

Donors are more likely to give to your cause if they aren't the first ones making a gift. Think of it like choosing an empty restaurant vs. one full of diners. Best practice says you need to start with 10-15% of your goal as seed money before marketing your campaign to your constituency.


6. Share, it's social. 

      • Control how your campaign appears when shared on Facebook and other social networks. For best effect, use an attention-grabbing image and a message that sounds personal (from the sender to his or her friends). For example: "I just gave up dinner for two to feed a family in need, how about you".
      • Setup your email badge: Spread the word with every email you send  with your email badge . Imagine the dozens of emails your supporters sends daily, broadcasting your campaigns, creating more buzz, donations and followers! Press "Share" and then "donate your email signature"
      • Setup your Facebook APP:  "Take action" is our cool, out of the box and customized Facebook APP, spcefically designed for each of your campaigns. 

We also recommend going through a friendly, soft launch to family/friends/co workers/board members BEFORE you go live. Better safe then sorry! 




* IMPORTANT NOTE to PayPal users:

If you are using your PayPal account to collect donations, MAKE SURE it is verified. If it isn't you won't be able to receive credit card donations. To ensure your account is verified: 

  1. Login to your PayPal  account
  2. Copy the following URL and swap the "( PayPal  email address)" with your PayPal account email: email address)
  3. Paste the URL and click enter.

This should show if your account is verified or not. If it is verified, great! You can continue to your give2gether "start fundraising wizard". If your PayPal account isn't  verified, contact PayPal ASAP to complete the account verification process.

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