Knowledge Base - Step 2: What Launch and Success Have in Common?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a list of the 10 best practices to improve your fundraising results?

Well, guess what? ...the success of any fundraising campaign is largely based on how excited and engaged its leader (that's you) and its participants (these are your champions) are. Well, here are your top 10 tips for a successful social fundraising campaign. If any of these were already mentioned during your prior sessions, that's great (cause all you need to do is go ahead and implement them now ;)


  • 6% of your donors will become fundraisers. And they will champion your cause and raise 60-70% of your total goal!! That’s a tremendous result. Signing up fundrsisiers or champions is a key to success. A successful champion can bring in 20-50X  more than a single donation. And  new champions create buzz and competition on the fundraiser’s leader-board!
  • Inspire your fundraisers: they are the fuel so they should be getting your best attention and treated like V.I.P.s
  • Seed the campaign before going to the public: any campaign needs leadership support before going out to the public. People hate being first movers. Generally speaking 15-20% of your campaign goal should be set as seed money (click on "edit" on the thermometer module to add your seed amount to the campaign)
  • Tune your call to action: often, we fall in love with our initial messaging. We need to look carefully at the fundraising results and fine tune our subject line and message if we aren’t getting enough donors with our email blasts.
  • Acknowledging and promoting success stories: Let's admit it - your fundraiser’s success is your success. One of the best ways to encourage more fundraisers to be successful is promoting your individual, real life fundraising success stories as part of the weekly communications.
  • 5 touches and you are in: Email open rates are around 20%, so you need at least 5 emails to reach your entire audience.
  • New social fundraiser appreciate guidance and hand-holding. Make sure you share "how to invite friends", "how to share on social networks", "how to import my contact list".  Visit these online "how-to's" to make yourself familiar with these simple tasks and don't forget to include these links  in  your outgoing invitations!  
  • Traffic is king: even the best campaigns, with 10-15% conversion rates, need larger numbers of messages to get substantial results.  Keep all your channels broadcasting throughout the campaign to support your fundraisers (PR, Social Media, Donors Newsletter, Website)
  • Endorsement = trust:  Every campaign needs a badge or banner on your website endorsing it. Without a badge, donors wonder if your campaign is official. We highly recommended endiorsing your fundraisng campaign in a clear and inviting manner by adding a banner/button with a call for action on your website homepage. No badge reduces donations by 30-40%.
  • Look at the numbers: Getting better between your first campaign and 2nd campaign and your first and 3rd email means  analyzing your  reports, and be ready to learn what works, what doesn't, and what needs improvement.                

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