Knowledge Base - Success Key # 5: How to setup a champion page on behalf of a supporter

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Sign out from your own admin accoun

This will allow you to create a stand-alone personal page for someone who is not you.

To get back to your campaign page, simply click "BACK" on your browser

Don't worry; you will always be able to sign back in as an admin. For now, you are helping one of your supporters in his first steps of becoming a champion, an ambassador or a mover & shaker (pick your term)


Step 2: Look for the orange button labeled "start fundraising" or "take the challenge"


Step 3: Create a give2gether account for your champion


Use real data from your future champion. It is advised to let him/her know that you are setting up a page on her behalf before hand, so they are not caught by surprise with the confirmation email that gets sent to them thanking them for setting up their give2gether page


Step 4: Create Personal Campaign Page

  • Choose a Nickname (your champion's custom URL)
  • Choose a pledge: an amount that your champion takes as a personal challenge, which he will be able to raise through his friends, family and colleagues (optional)
  • Click: Click on "Continue"



Step 5: Personalize Page

Stop reading. No seriously, stop!

Now that we got your attention, this is by far, the most important step so DO NOT skip it, even if the boss is calling, or if your best friend just texted you.

  • Personalize a message. End with their name and a nice thank you note.
  • Click "SAVE"


All set!

Your champion's personal page is ready!! You can send him/her a link by clicking the share button and copying the URL to an email. Don't forget to send your newborn champion his give2gether login details so they can access their page and personalize it, and share it with their network

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