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  1. Champions and Personal Fundraising Pages
  2. Donations
  3. Thank You Notes and Tax Receipts
  4. Billing and Payment Setup
  5. Campaigns
  6. Your give2gether NPO (nonprofit) Account
  7. Advanced Editing
  8. Sending out emails blasts
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  12. Pricing
  13. General Questions


  About Champions and Personal Fundraising Pages

A 30 sec video clip is the most effective way to raise more money! see how other nonprofits are motivating their crowd.

Q. Can we setup a champion page on behalf of a supporter?

A. Yes. Please refer to this How-To guide

Q. May I send out the link to our campaign page and instructions how to start a personal fundraising page BEFORE the campaign is launched?

A. Yes. All fundraising pages can be set in advance or during the campaign.

Q. Is there a list of all Champions?

A. Yes. Look under "Reports->Champions List"

Q.  Is there an automatic Champion mailing list we can send an email blast to?


A. Yes - look under "Mail->Mailing Lists".  The "All Champions" list and "All Donors" list are auto updated so you can click on any one of those lists and send an email blast designed especially to that segment. You do so by clicking that segment (e.g. "All Champions") and then on "prepare email blast".


Quick TipIn your invitation templates there should be some sample, ready-made invitations for your champions called "1st/2nd/3rd email to FUNDRAISERS". Customize these invitations to motivate your champions and inspire them to take their involvement to the next level.



About Donations:

Q. Can I set a matching gift for our campaign?

A. yes. Donation Matching occurs when a company or individual agrees to match your campaign donations dollar-for-dollar for a specific time period and/or up to a certain dollar amount. If donation matching is enabled, and a supporter makes a contribution to your campaign, an off-line donation will automatically be created to match all donations for the specified time period, and/or up to the specified amount. Transaction and credit card fees are never assessed to off-line donations. Contact your success manager at give2gether to enable and set matching for your campaigns.

Q. Can I record off-line donations?

A. Yes! If a donor or a fundraiser sends in a check, you can add them manually, so it will show up with all your other donations both on the campaign page, the individual champion pages, and on the donor reports.

This feature also enables you to acknowledge off-line donors and associate checks/cash or any form of external donations with champion, adding them to the "total raised" on their individual fundraising pages. 

To add a new off-line donation, sign in to your give2gether account and go to the campaign management area. Click External Donation on the right navigation bar to enter a new check or cash donation (see below)



  • Choose whether to send a thank you email to the donor (if the donor's email address is provided) with receipt details, just the same as the confirmation email sent to all your on-line donors. Once you're satisfied with everything, click "Confirm"
  • Choose how to display the external donor name (first and last initials, First Name and Last initial, etc)
  • Open the "Invited by" drop-down menu to associate this external donation with a specific champion (fundraiser). You can choose the champion or search for his/her name.
NOTE: once you have confirmed an external donation, it cannot be changed, so be diligent reviewing your data entry


Q. One of our donors complains about making more than one gift (e.g. on behalf of his mother/father/relative), and all donations coming up on their name.

A. Yes. For more details, please refer your donor to Donor FAQ: "Can I make a donation on behalf of my company / my relative?"

A donor can donate on behalf of someone else assuming of course he/she has their authorization to use their credit card. This way, you can get someone else's name - not yours - on the Donors Page and on the donation receipt. 

You must be signed out from your own give2gether account. If you are logged in or know how to Sign out, please do that first and then continue to step 3 below. Alternatively, follow step 1-2-3 below.

  • Step 1: click the "donate" button on the main campaign page. 
  • Step 2: on the donate page, if you are signed in, there will be a notification saying "You are donating as {Your Name will appear here}. If that is not your intention click here first." Now, click the link - This will sign you out and let you donate on behalf of someone else. Don't worry; you will always be able to sign back in with your own give2gether user.
  • Step 3: once you complete the donation, you can register your company, dad or uncle for this donation under their own give2gether account, separate from your personal give2gether account.


Q. Where can I find the information about who a donor has made a gift in memoriam for, or as a gift to?

A. Under your donor list, once you double click a donor record, and find all these details, including more donor details as well as all relevant donation record details.


Q. Orphan Donation - Can we associate a donation that was already made to a champion?

A.  Yes. Click on the donation record under your "Donors List" report. Now click "assign to Champion" to associate the donation with a champion.


Q. How is the contribution range (minimum and maximum) set, and by whom?

A. Your organization defines the contribution range when creating the campaign. It is highly recommended to consult with one of our campaign advisors to get custom recommendations and best-practices for your campaign.


Q. How soon are the donations available to our organization?

A. Donations go directly to your organization's payment gateway and then to your account. You can access them on-line or download the latest donors report at any time via your management area, under Reports->Donors List.

Q. What is the difference between "Highest Impact" and "Total Raised"?

A. The difference between a fundraiser's "social impact" vs donations made on her page is illustrated on the "my give2gether" dashboard below. This dashboard is available for each champion/fundraiser.
In the example below, the total network impact is $86, regardless of where they ended up donating. That said, 2 donations were made on her personal page which total in $54. 

The balance could in this case be donations made by one of the 15 people whom she invited and visited her personal page, yet ended up donating on the main campaign page or on another champion's page.

So, she got the credit for inviting them($86), but they didn't donate on her page($54)

Total Impact


About Tax Receipts:

Q. Can I automate the sending of tax receipts?

Q. Yes - Tax receipts are optional. If you do decide to create one - read this carefully. PDF receipts support English only. Enable them by clicking "Include a PDF receipt"  check box at the bottom of the "Donating thank you" template.

a PDF attachment will be sent to the donor together with the default HTML "thank you" template at the time of making a donation. 

NOTE: There are many useful and unique Place Holders available only for the thank you note & Receipt. Customize your thank you template and the PDF receipt to include donor specific data as in "mail merge" including Donation Amount, Donation Date, Receipt #, etc (see below)



Q. Can we re send a thank you note? Will the PDF receipt be sent again?


A.  Yes. You can resend thank you notes and the PDF receipts (if you enabled that function) by simply clicking on the Donor's record under your "Donors List" report and then follow the instructions on screen.

Note: You can also associate the donation to a champion if it has become an orphan donation (un associated with a champion)



Q. Does placeholders function produce receipts in sequence?  

A. Yes, Receipt Number is supported by using the placeholder {Receipt}. The default range starts from 000001, but if your audit or finance may require a different sequence range, simply click on Contact Us and let us know what range you need (e.g. 3001-3999)


About Billing and Payment Setup

Q. Where do I connect my Pro/Sage/IATS Payments account to receive donations?

A. Please refer to "Ready to launch my campaign. Now what?"


Q. Why is it so important to verify our PayPal account?

A. If you will be using your PayPal account to collect donations, MAKE SURE your nonprofit account status is marked as "verified", otherwise you will not be able to receive credit card donations


Q. How do we check our PayPal account status? 

A. After you login to your nonprofit PayPal account

  • Copy and paste the following URL into your browser[replace with your PayPal email address]
  • Swap the "PayPal email address" with your PayPal account email

This should show if the account status (i.e. verified or not).

If it is verified, great! You can continue now to your give2gether "start fundraising wizard". If your PayPal account is not yet verified, read on!

Q. Why is it so important to verify our PayPal account
A. You will NOT be able to receive credit card donations until you verify your PayPal account

Q. How do I verify our PayPal account?        
A.  By linking and confirming a bank account and adding your EIN (Employer Identification Number) you should be able to verify your PayPal account. If that doesn't work, call 1-866-365-6319. If that still doesn't work, contact PayPal ASAP to complete your account verification process.


Q. What does a nonprofits need in order to use Network for Good (NFG) to collect donations?
A. Besides good standing registered US charity number (your EIN), your nonprofit needs to have an up to date record on Guide Star, and to have not opted out from receiving donations through Guide Star/NFG.


About Campaigns: 

Q. Does it matter what type of Facebook page we have on Facebook? (i.e., a regular page, group or a "fan page" with followers).

A. Only Facebook's Fan pages widgets are supported. All other Facebook pages will look distorted. Please refer to FB Fan Page ID.


Q.  Can a campaign's target date be changed?
A.  The campaign target date is fixed at the setup stage. If you have a valid reason for changing it- please contact us, explain why would you like to change it and a support representative will be happy to modify that for you manually.  


Q. How to generate more traffic to my give2gether campaign?

A. It is entirely up to you how well you spread the word about your campaigns, thus building and expanding your donor and supporter base. Here is how:

  • Keep traffic coming by using a weekly email-marketing plan to hit the inbox of your donors at least once a week during the duration of your campaign.
  • Spread the word about the campaign via social media promotions (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Be creative! Whether through Calendar Contest or a Secret Show for Japan, or even a virtual walk - keep your donors in mind. Hey, you may want to let your supporters raise meals instead of $$
  • Make sure you get coaching and advice from one of give2gether's campaign advisors on how to best leverage the campaign page and improve your conversion rate.

Your NPO (Nonprofit Organization) Account:

Q. I loved the free trial. What do I need to do to extend the trial?

A. Nothing - you are ready to go. If you certified your account with give2gether, and you are able to collect donations - that means you completed the activation process. After the 10 days free trial, your billing starts.


Q. What's the minimum agreement term? 

A.  1 year. You can get FREE additional months for 2 and 3 years agreements. Make sure to ask your give2gether account manager about such promotions.


Q. What happens if I set up a campaign page and my board of trustees/manager/committee doesn't approve the budget?

A. No harm done. Please contact support and ask to keep your campaign page live so that once your budget does get approve, you are ready to go!


Q. When does the clock start on the free 10 days? What action does the organization take to start the clock?

A. Once the certification process is completed, you have already connected your billing gateway (e.g. PayPal/Sage/IATS account) and launched your campaign. In simple words, the clock only starts ticking when you start live fundraising, not before.


Q. How do I reset my password?

A. Click on "sign-in" at the top right of the page and look for the link "forgot password". A link will be sent to your registered email address allowing you to reset your password.


Q. Can I add another admin to my give2gether account?

A. Yes. Have your new admin Register here or sign out and register on his/her behalf.

    • Next, send a request with the subject line: "add an admin" with his name and email to with the requested campaign URL (e.g.
    • Allow up to 24 hours to get admin access.
    • Your new admin will then have access to your campaign. He should look for the orange banner at the top of the page allowing fast access from anywhere within the site as well as through the "my campaigns" section at the page header (see below)


Q. What does professional services include?

A. Our Services provide you with strategy and best practices needed to help you maximize your success. This includes 3 meetings,(see below), that walk you through the setup of your first campaign as well as ongoing support after that.


Session 1: Kickoff (60 minutes)

1. What are the best projects to raise money for? chose 2-3 potential projects.

2. What motivates donors? The Landing Page, The banner, the Video, the Script. Marketing, the pitch, copy. Colors & Fonts

3. Preparations for an Internet campaign: marketing materials and marketing channels - Gap Analysis, An action Plan to bridge the gap. How does the first campaign integrate and dovetails with the est of the organization fundraising and communication calendar

4. Basic training: practical training of the four content areas (campaign page, donation page, email invitations and thank you notes, auto responders and social sharing)


Session 2: consultation and feedback (60 minutes,

After reviewing the content that has been created between the first and second sessions, the feedback loop will focus on:

1. A review of all areas of the campaign

2. advice and feedback re the content.

3. Practice sending emails, creating personal fundraising pages, donating

4. Finalizing Look and Feel, Banner, Colors and Fonts, Donation Page (Before & After)

5. Payment Gateway credentials.

6. Mailing lists and the right way to use them.

7. Identifying champions within the organization and its management. Define ways/timeline to contact them, inspire them and train.

8. Place Holders, Mail Merge, Subject lines, 3 Golden Rules, email blast best practice.


Session 3: Checklist Pre-launch (30 minutes -

1. Beyond the built-in interfaces

2. Final adjustments to the parameters of the donation page.

3. Acknowledgment on NPO web site and social media.

4. Connecting the payment gateway/s

5. the "Dry run"


About e-mails:


Q. Does the size of an organization's email list matter? Is there a limit to the number of addresses that can be entered?

A. The more the merrier! We set 5,000 as a minimum, but campaigns have been successful with less. Of course, the bigger your network is, the higher the number of your campaigns' visitors and donors.


Q. What is an e-mail Blast? How do we send them to our list?

A. Please refer to email Blasts


Q. How do we personalize email blasts? What are Place Holders?

A. Please refer to Place Holders


Q.  I want to send out a reminder to my fundraisers (Champions). Is there an automatic Champion report we can send an email blast to?

A. Yes - look under "Mail->Mailing Lists".  The "All Champions" list and "All Donors" list are auto updated so you can click on any one of those lists and send an email blast designed especially to that segment. You do so by clicking that segment (e.g. "All Champions") and then on "prepare email blast".

Quick TipIn your invitation templates there should be some sample, ready-made invitations for your champions called "1st/2nd/3rd email to FUNDRAISERS - new". Customize these invitations to motivate your champions and inspire them to take their involvement to the next level.


Q. Why does the return e-mail address for our Invite templates is set to

A. All emails sent through give2gether, similar to other social platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn, are sent through a mail service and a common domain (
This mail service delivers 100s of thousands of emails everyday, and thus enabling you to keep track, get reports, avoid sending email to blocked contacts (bounce/spam/unsubscribe/etc.), reduce the chance of being blacklisted, maintain good ISP reputation, etc.

That said, any specific replies that are received at, or automatic replies (e.g. on vacation, email changed) get forwarded to the campaign admin so they can handle them case by case.


Q. What % of the recipients of the campaigns' e-mails will forward information about the campaign to other people?

A. There is no straight answer to that; it is subjective to parameters such as the quality of your distribution list, the subject line of the e-mail, sense of urgency, cause, time of day etc. Our support team can assist you to increase your emails opening rates and subsequently increase your conversion results.

Q. Does the system keep the addresses private?

A. We will never publish donors or supporters e-mail addresses. This is protected by our privacy policy as well.


Q. Does the system allow the recipients to opt out of receiving the email if they want?

A. Opt out option is mandatory in any e-mail campaign.

About reports:


Q. In the Mail Blasts report, what does the Viewed value refer to?

A. Viewed counts unique views of this email blast. Note that this number does not include those listed under "visited" column (i.e. Click Through). So "viewed" counts those who viewed the email, but did not click through.


About give2gether Facebook Application: 

Q. How to install your give2gether's Facebook App?
A. Installing your FB app takes 5 minutes. Make sure you READ the instructions and follow through to have a smooth install experience. 


Advanced Editing

Q. How to wrap text nicely around an image?
A. That's easy - Click on an image, now click on the insert/edit image icon. A little pop up window comes up - Click the 3rd tab called "appearance". Choose alignment (in this case left) and then insert a value of pixels (e.g. 5 in this example) in the vertical and horizontal space fields
Q. How to resize an image?
A. Click on an image, now click on the insert/edit image icon. A little pop up window comes up - Click the 3rd tab called "appearance".

Now, plug in the first value (width) with a number between 100-400 (that's the image width in pixels) and just leave the other field (height) empty. This will auto adjust the height of the image and reserve the original proportions.
Q. Q&A (FAQ), Photo Gallery, and Project Breakdown additions won't save.
A. In case you are using Internet explorer, we strongly recommend switching to a decent browser (i.e. Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari)
In any of the above modules (Q&A, Photo Gallery, and Project Breakdown), every time you click "save", the module saves the most recent item you added/uploaded and opens up a new slot for an additional entry below it. Don't worry - Keep on adding questions and answers or pictures. Once you are done, simply click "save" one last time, close the module's pop-up window, and then refresh your browser to see the saved module added at the bottom of your campaign page.

About pricing

Q. What is give2gether's pricing model?

A. give2gether's pricing policy is refreshing - it's fair, flexible and easy to comprehend.

No fine print, no hidden cost - fair pricing to get you more net-net donations! No set up fees: First 10 days are free. That's how sure we are about you getting results on give2gether. So, during the 10 days free trial, you will retain 100% of all donations raised in your campaign (except for credit card fees and transaction fees) and pay NO licensing fees to give2gether.

In fact, 98% of our clients raise their entire yearly license fees during their first month of subscription.

Set the best package for your fundraising needs and budget, simulate what you expect to raise in the next quarter, and decide accordingly. 


Q. What's the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

A. If you do not raise the entire 1st year license amount within 30 days after your first campaign goes live, give2gether will refund the difference. For example, you paid $4,800 for a one year license ($400/month) and only raised $2,800, give2gether will refund the difference ($2,000) so you have your initial investment paid back


General Questions


Q. I am not a technical person - do I need developer help to fully customize the campaign page

A. You don't need to be a technical person! give2gether's platform is all about simplicity and ease of use, so anyone can customize a great campaign page.


Q. What type of nonprofit may use the platform?
A. Any approved 501c (3) organization in the U.S. or equivalent in other countries.


Q. Where can I see the terms and conditions? I want to send it to our legal department.
A. Under your nonprofit management area, after you login, you will find the link to your End User Licensing Agreement
Q. Can I create a QR code for my campaign?

A. Yes. QR code is a two dimensional bar code that can encode a URL. Smart phones are able to visit the URL by taking a picture of the bar code. For example: You can generate QR codes here:


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