Simple, cost-effective online fundraising platform 

give2gether is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that enables NPOs to create online fund raising campaigns in 5 easy steps, fully integrated with their social media efforts.

Our online platform is based on a proprietary set of behavioral algorithms, leveraging social group interactions while significantly improving visitor -> donor conversion rates.

By turning strangers into friends, friends into donors, donors into fundraisers and enabling social activism, give2gether maximizes online philanthropy conversion rates.

Nonprofits that have already used the service have seen a substantial boost in their traditional conversion rates.


Micro-philanthropy, mega results

Whether you are a nonprofit operating in the education, health or any other sector, you can launch a fully-customized online fundraising campaign in less than an hour. 

The campaign is connected to your nonprofit Facebook and Twitter profiles and is managed through back-office management console . Nonprofits can import their donors' data base and send mass invitation and thank you emails, analyze campaigns' results and optimize accordingly. give2gether handles all billing processing issues and the collected funds are transmitted to the organization's PayPal account at the end of the campaign.

Our clients witness great results! One charity raised money for the earthquake relief initiative for Haiti through give2gether creating the entire campaign in under an hour. Supporters maximize outreach by spreading the word across their friends and social networks, creating a ripple effect that raised more than $130,000 for one campaign in 5 days.   

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