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Knowledge is Power…even for us!
50 personal computers can change lives, of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and make their world more communicative.
Today, the personal computer has become an integrative and inseparable part of humans' lives. We in "eshcolot ba'emek ve bahar" organization made improving people with disabilities lives an upper value, and our target is to promote their social equality and help them feel a significant part of the society.
You can join us and help in adding meaning and move towards better equality and awareness of everyone.
Come and help us recruit personal computers for them – donate one PC and change one man's world.

personal computer to the help of people with mental retardation


The concept of the disabilities people have is diminishing from the earth, the population awareness to people with mental retardation and their capabilities is rising. We at "eshcolot ba'emek ve bahar" are working each day in order to improve their lives and make them more beautiful and equal. We also see great significance in making people with mental retardation updated and relevant.

holding hands

The value of equality is leading our daily work and our will to empower the sense of belonging brought us to act in order to enable this assistive technology to those people.

Come and join us in our way. 

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About "Eshcolot Ba'emek ve Bahar" organization


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Does the donation can be used for tax reports?


Our organization has section 46 which refunds the donator with the tax.


Can I send a check?


Of course, checks can be sent to "eshcolot ba'emek ve bahar" Kibbutz Merhavia, 19100,Israel.


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Every donation is important


Find out how much you can make a difference – build up your own personal fundraising page in few minutes and start spreading the word. Choose your donation goal and use your friends to achieve it. We invite you to join our effort in purchasing PC's for people with mental retardation. 


how much will one personal computer cost?

Item / Activity Cost
Personal computer $900
Internet connection $50
Workstation $50
Total: $1,000



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Photos from people with mental retardation's daily lives


PC's can improve quality of life


Games people play


Most of the population are busy during the day in activities related somehow to computers. Old games like "hide and seek", "catch me if you can" and others are disappearing from our world. Our people, with mental retardation are busy during most of the day, dong simple activities, which prevents them from the technology all the world is to, resulting in difficulties of adaptation, the already experience, even without technology.

We in "Eshcolot Ba'emek ve Bahar" are obligated to overcome those gaps created by technology and include them as equals in the society. We can begin and do that by buying them personal computers.

Help us buy those PC'S and overcome the gap.

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About "Eshcolot Ba'emek ve Bahar" organization


"Eshcolot Ba'emek ve Bahar" is aiming to improve the quality, of life of people with mental retardation living in community houses aroundIsrael. The organization is nonprofit and developing unique projects to promote the lives of people with mental retardation.