A Second Chance - 2014

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Lauren F.

After my family dog (Boomer) passed away a couple years ago I was devastated. Even though I was not living at home anymore, I missed coming home to him. Moreover, I was working from home at the time and found myself lonely. I had heard from a friend that the thing to do was to adopt a dog if you do not have time to train a puppy. So I started checking the BCSPCA site one or two times a week.

One week I spotted the cutest little black Lhasa Apso - Maltese cross. He literally looked like an Ewok. I am a Star Wars fan, so that was a huge plus. I read that he was an adult and had male aggression problems from time to time, but other than that he seemed like the perfect little animal for me.

I got on a ferry and made my way out to Vancouver Island to meet him at the Victoria branch. I got there and the workers gave me a tour of the facility and introduced me to some of the cats and dogs. I was more than eager to meet Mackenzie at this point. Finally, I got to meet him and they had given him a hair cut so he looked like a different dog. No matter, I knew it was right. He looked so sad and I refused to leave him. The lady with me introduced me to a similar dog that was 2 years old and trainable, but I was not budging no matter what anybody said. I was determined to have him.

Before everything went through, I brought little Mackenzie for a walk around the area. He was so happy to get outside and literally peed on everything. He was such a happy little guy, until we came upon a bigger dog. He had a little freak out (as many small dogs can) and it scared me, but I knew he needed a second chance. I was not about to let the system take its toll on him.

After some paperwork and more warnings, he was finally mine! I picked him up and put him in my car and that was that.

The first 6 months were some of the hardest times of my life. My patience, understanding, and adaptability were all tested time and time again. I battled through and even though he is still a challenge and sometimes a terror, I have learned how to deal by focusing on the good and not letting the bad get me down.

I cannot imagine my life without my little mean-muggin’, vacuum cleaner, and terror of a best friend.

Double Your Donation - Save More Lives

Thanks to some amazing and generous animal lovers both matches have now been met!

Inspired by the remarkable generosity of animal lovers, the Eldon & Anne Foote Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation matched up to $50,000 in donations to A Second Chance.

Longtime BC SPCA supporter Mrs. Gisela Waibel also loved the idea of being able to help more animals. She  pledged to match an additional $5,000 in donations.  

Thank you to the Eldon & Anne Foote Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation, Gisela Waibel and the generous BC SPCA supporters whose gifts have been matched for helping twice as many animals get a second chance.


The Happy Ending...

Once Nelson was at the vet, he was rushed into surgery. The vet discovered that he had seven pellets from a pellet gun, embedded in his head, and determined that the deep wound across his neck was from a knife. Even though Nelson was frightened of another person hurting him, he came to understand that we were there to help...


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Each year we care for and assist 41,691 animals in distress and need across BC. We are the only animal welfare organization in BC that has the authority to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty, and to recommend criminal charges. Not only do we stop immediate animal suffering and distress, we also work to address the root causes of animal distress and eliminate future suffering and cruelty. Read more...

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