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BC SPCA Calendar Contest: Make your pet a star!

Brittney Y. and Hector

Meet Hector, he is a very energetic, loving, adorable Labrador Retriever. Hector was my very first dog and he was by very far the best. He loves to run around in the snow with his plastic Frisbees and loves to splash around in the water at the lake while swimming.

Sadly Hector isn't around with us anymore, he past away on February 16th, 2013. After a week of being sick from a tumor that exploded in his stomach only a week before he past. I am entering him in this contest in hopes that he will win one of the 13 calendar spots as a memoriam to him, me and my family.

Hector had an amazing life and an amazing home that he grew up in. I want other animals to be able to have the opportunity to grow up in an amazing, loving home just like he did. All of your donations will be going to the BCSCPA and will be helping animals. Your one donation could save an animals life.

It would mean the world to me and my family if you could donate and vote for Hector. But even if he doesn't win he will always be a star in our hearts. All donations go to a good cause. Thank you for your support.

Meet Binx & Beans - Two stars our supporters helped save!


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About the BC SPCA


Each year we rescue and care for more than 29,000 injured, homeless, neglected and abused animals across BC. We are the only animal welfare organization in BC that has the authority to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty, and to recommend criminal charges more...


Top of the Table

Cynthia J. and Aries
donated: C$700
donated: C$700
wayne T.
donated: C$500
donated: C$500
Monique W.
donated: C$500
Terry Husband and Gunny
donated: C$467
Pamela B.
donated: C$450
Douglas H.
donated: C$350
Sue and Doug H. and Donny
donated: C$320
Jason P.
donated: C$300

All Donors
Lauren A. and Charlie
Tracy O. and Destiny and Fozzy Bear
Michael D. and Oscar
Faye Rolston and Zoe
Lori H. and Harley and pals
Russ W. and Hershey
Corree & Daren .. and Buddha & Turbo
Jaclyn S. and Pierre
Wendy C. and Mocha
Cynthia J. and Aries
My goal: C$1,000

I already raised: C$0

Campaign Ended


Thank you for your support!

Raised C$43,331 out of C$41,600

Final Results:


Top 13 Fundraisers

Thank you to everybody for an amazing calendar contest and all your efforts to raise funds to rescue and care for the most vulnerable animals in BC. Congratulations to the winners on securing a spot for their pet(s) in our 2014 Calendar. Winners will be contacted by email on Monday April 22nd with instructions on providing photographs for the calendar.

*In the event of discrepancies between the listing of donors in the Highest Impact Report and the actual dollars raised, the winners were determined based on actual dollars raised.   

Michael D. And Oscar  $       1,720.00
Tracy O., Destiny & Fozzy Bear  $       1,715.00
Lauren & Charlie  $       1,695.00
Faye Rolston & Zoe  $       1,565.00
Lori H. and Harley and pals  $       1,423.00
Su W. And Crouton  $       1,401.00
Russ W. And Hershey  $       1,400.00
Corree & Daren and Buddha & Turbo  $       1,335.00
Jaclyn S and Pierre  $       1,315.00
Wendy C. And Mocha  $       1,302.00
Cynthia J. And Aries  $       1,301.00
Linda M and Rexy  $       1,275.00
Sue and Doug H. And Donny  $       1,255.00

** In the event of a winner being unable to provide suitable photographs by the deadline as specified in the rules the spot will be offered to the next runner-up.

Runners Up

Terry Husband and Gunny  $       1,252.00
Leah R. And Jasper  $       1,250.00
Sabriena, Nick, Hershey and Harley  $           960.00

The power of your gift!

  • $100 - Kindness Counts
    Reaches 100 students through our “Kindness Counts” curriculum helping to stop the cycle of abuse by teaching empathy.
  •  $120 – Emergency Rescue
    Pays to rescue an animal hit by a car, or injured in some other way.
  •  $200 Rescue on the Go Kit
    Emergency supplies to help our Special Provincial Constables save animal lives in remote areas and high-risk situations.
  • $300 Cruelty Hotline
    Covers a shift at our Hotline making it easier for Good Samaritans to get help for an animal.
  •  $485 Dog care
    Covers the average cost of care for one dog including: shelter, food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, ID tattoo, medical checks and adoption matching.
  •  $784 Cat care
    Covers the same expenses for a cat as above, but for much longer. Due to cat overpopulation the average cat stays in our shelter for 59 days, compared to only 22 for a dog.
  •  $1000 Eagle care
    Covers ten days of care including: x-rays, medications, flight pen exercise, rehabilitation and many pounds of food.
  • $1800 Horse care
    Covers food, shelter, medical care and rehabilitation over an average stay of three months for a horse rescued in a cruelty investigation.

The BC SPCA currently does not receive any provincial or federal government support. The abused and abandoned animals we rescue depend on your support!




Will I get a charitable tax receipt for this gift?


Yes! You will get an official PDF tax receipt emailed to you for your records. Please check your “junk” folder if you don’t receive it within 24 hours. If you haven’t received it, or you have any questions about your receipt please contact us via email or contact Donor Relations at 604-681-7271 or toll-free 1-800-665-1868.


How does the BC SPCA protect my privacy?


The BC SPCA goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality and integrity of any personal information you share with us over the Internet.

The BC SPCA treats personal data such as credit card information as critical assets that must be guarded at all times against loss and unauthorized access. To ensure the security of credit card and personal information, this Web site employs industry-standard security methods, including the Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol for the encryption of transmitted data and processes credit cards through a strictly PCI compliant system.

If you have any questions about our Web security procedures, please email


Contest Rules

  1. Donations made in support of an animal are valued at one vote for every $1.00 donated.
  2. The thirteen (13) animals (12 months and one cover) with the most votes at April 19th, 2013 at 9:00 pm PT will be featured in the 2014 Animal Lovers' Calendar. 
  3. A selection of 3-4 print quality photos of each winning animal must be provided by May 1, 2013 at 12:00 pm to be included in the production of the calendar. Photos must be high quality, taken at maximum resolution, 300 DPI, minimum 4-megapixels and in a generally accepted file format. Please note: most phone photos will not meet these standards.
  4. Photos submitted for the calendar must include at least one animal, and should be present in no less than 2/3 of the frame. Landscape format is preferred. Please ensure that the photo is sharp and in focus. 
  5. Photos of cats and domestic birds must be taken indoors. Dogs in photographs taken outdoors must be shown wearing a collar and ID tag. 
    The BC SPCA is opposed to practices that prevent animals from expressing natural animal behaviours. Photos should not feature animals performing unnatural activities including wearing clothing or costumes.
  6. If the photo contains an individual, you must be able to confirm and provide written authorization from that person for the BC SPCA to use the photo. It is preferred that the photo not feature individuals.
  7. If appropriate print quality photos are not provided by the deadline the BC SPCA will offer the spot in the calendar to the next runner up.
  8. By agreeing to the waiver, you will also acknowledge and give permission to the BC SPCA to use the name, story and photo of the animal entered in future various publications and materials, including the 2014 Animal Lovers Calendar. 
  9. The BC SPCA reserves the right to disqualify an entry based on objectionable content or depiction of the animal or persons in a photo. The registration fee will be not be refunded. Donations collected will be refunded if requested by the donor.