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Update 10/10/2016 - Frann is doing a bit better today. The pain meds are helping her. Dr W said her surg implants look good. Keep her in ur prayers. Woof randy

Champ, Diseno and Shep are just some of the iconic dogs of Stray Rescue who beat the odds and lived. They’ve gone on to have amazing lives, and now I want to add a new name to the list. Her name is Frann. I rescued her this morning after receiving a call from the police, and it really hasn’t sunk in yet what happened to her. So as I type, I allow that part of my brain that keeps me mentally protected to open which means now the tears are flowing.

The call was about two dogs’ bodies tied together with a rope in O’Fallon Park. One laying lifelessly still while the other stood guard over her soulmate as police cars and cruisers littered the park street. I hurried through the crowd, and like the rescue of Champ, our eyes connected. I saw pain and fear radiating from her brown eyes.

Nobody knows what happened, but there are plenty of clues of the torment she had endured. Frann had been strangled with a jump rope that had to be cut. She was paralyzed, and she has multiple fractures of the back and spine which means she endured blunt trauma from being hit with something – probably a baseball bat. With help, I carried her and her sister we named Fanny to the jeep and prayed.

Our Stray Rescue trauma team was waiting for us and stabilized this hurting innocent angel right away. Fanny continued to watch over Frann with extreme concern. The bond between these two dogs is unlike any connection I’ve ever seen. But I guess that’s what happens when you experience such abuse together. They depended on each other to get through it. Fanny is the definition of loyalty. But to save Frann, a neurologist is needed. So, off she went to Veterinary Specialty Services.

I just got the call now that Frann is undergoing spinal surgery right now. VSS is giving her a 20% chance of pulling through with full function. I will try to go see her everyday so she knows she is loved and to keep her fighting spirit. Fanny will go make visits too, for their sister bond is powerful.

Stray Rescue performs miracles with teaching dogs how to walk again, and we will give it our best shot. The worst case scenario is that she will end up with some wheels, like my OP. I never want to see her suffer another day in her life. I think of my paralyzed OP at home and what an amazing life he has now. It’s time for Frann (and Fanny) to know only love, no more hate and hurting.

The costs will be high, so I am kicking off a funding campaign to help Frann. $10,000 is probably a low estimate, but let’s do it again like we did for Champ, Diseno and Shep. Help me make another miracle happen. I just know we can do it together.

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Campaign Ended

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Tove N.
Stockholm, Sweden
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Saint Louis, MO
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Lake Ozark, MO
donated: $300
Sharyn J.
St. Louis, MO
donated: $250
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Troy, MO
donated: $200
Debra W.
Belleville, IL
donated: $200
JoAnn B.
St. Peters, MO
donated: $200
Kathy F.
Festus, MO
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Mary Beth B.
Saint Louis, MO
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Peggy J.
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Elise C.
11 months ago

In memory of Snow and Lil Foots

Laurie N.
11 months ago

Praying for Frann and everyone at Stray Rescue! God bless you all! I love you!

Marybeth D.
11 months ago

With love to Frann in memory of my beloved Poptart

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