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Rhonda W. Gaughan:
Twenty years ago I participated in my Woman Within Weekend. I became a part of a community of women supporting women. To me it was 'coming home to myself'. I found a place of women who love and accept me just as I am. It fills me with the confidence to live my life from my true authentic self. I support this campaign to spread the word and make the work available to the healing of all women.

Dale Herink:
In my 21 years with Woman Within, I have had the enriching and humbling experience of being a part of a community of women who strive to educate themselves through seeking and embracing their authenticity and learning to be in genuine connection with, and support of, each other. My experience is this happens through our ability to find compassion and love and ultimately a deep sense of healing that can and does impact the World.

Carol Kahn
Woman Within provides opportunities for women to experience authenticity and personal strength as well as vulnerabilities, compassion for self and others with new choices and expanded possibilities in their lives. Since 1990, I have observed thousands of interactions demonstrating the powerful healing impact of women supporting women in change. I encourage you to contribute to the sustainability of this transformational organization and the health of the lineage of our women and our planet.

Esther Robertson:
Wherever this Woman Within journey has taken me, the United States, Europe, Australia, and South Africa one thing remains the same. I see women looking, longing to find a part of themselves that they have lost or never knew they had. On Sunday, when they are ready to leave the Weekend, I can see in their eyes that they have found it… And that fills my soul.

Monica Robinson
Little did I know, 20 years ago, that attending my Woman Within Training would put me on a path that would profoundly change the direction of my life. Providing connections, community and opportunities, I have vastly expanded my horizons both personally and professionally. In the many roles I have served, I have also witnessed the stunning transformation and growth of thousands of women whose lives are so much richer for having realized their deepest dreams. Knowing what is possible, I wholeheartedly support the fundraiser as it holds the vision of reaching even more women and more dreams."



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We provide a space for women at every stage of life, facing virtually any struggle, to discover the power and beauty that reside within them. We achieve our mission primarily through the Woman Within Training Weekend and by providing on-going support after the Weekend through Empowerment Circles and community events.

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