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Top scientists reject global warming theory


(September 16, 2011) The global-warming theory is nearing its end as evidence against it mounts. 

Lawrence Solomon

Why do a majority of Canadians — 52% according to the latest Angus Reid poll — still hold the belief that humans are mainly responsible for global warming?

I think I know, based on the feedback I’ve received from literally thousands of Canadians who have commented in recent years on my articles dealing with global warming. Most of that 52% have so often been told that the science is settled on global warming, and so rarely that there is any credible dissent, that they have not yet twigged to straightforward information, such as the rejection by most top scientists of the global-warming dogma.

Nobel-winning physicist Ivar Giaever, who resigned as a fellow from the American Physical Society this week over its endorsement of warming.

Just this week, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever resigned as a fellow from the American Physical Society, saying he could not live with its nonsensical endorsement of global-warming alarmism. Dr. Giaever joins a host of other eminent scientists who have dismissed concerns over global warming, including Freeman Dyson, a Princeton physicist and America’s best known scientist, Antonino Zichichi, the president of the World Federation of Scientists and Italy’s best known scientist, Claude Allegre, a former socialist Minister of National Education, Research and Technology and France’s best-known scientist, and America’s Reid Bryson, known as the “father of scientific climatology” and judged “the world’s most cited climatologist” by the journal of the Institute of British Geographers.

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What they're saying about the global warming work of Energy Probe and its staff


On The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon, Energy Probe's #1 best seller on global warming:

"No one who reads The Deniers will be able to claim a scientific consensus exists on global warming. -- Vancouver Sun

"If a person could read only one book this year on climate change, this is the one." -- National Review Online

Cited by London's Sunday Telegraph

The respected Canadian environmental writer, Lawrence Solomon, recently had the bright idea of publishing in his Financial Post newspaper column a graph showing the temperature changes of the past 15 years in proper perspective, using figures from the most prestigious of all official temperature records, compiled by the UK Met Office and its Hadley Centre…. The result, as can be seen here, is startling.

Cited by the Wall Street Journal's Notable & Quotable section:

Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon writing in Canada’s Financial Post, Feb. 7 :

Our thermometers simply haven’t been rising. According to a study last
month by NASA’s James Hansen, Al Gore’s mentor, temperatures have been
“flat for the past decade.” According to the U.K.’s Meteorological
Office, every bit Al Gore’s equal in alarmism, the temperature
standstill has lasted 15 years and, its revised models say, may extend
to 20. No wonder public opinion hasn’t rallied to the alarmist cause.

For governments to muster the courage they need to impose carbon taxes
or other unpopular measures, public opinion will need to swing
dramatically to boost the number who worry that global warming
threatens the planet. . . .

But what is the chance of that, when temperatures have risen only
about one-half of 1C in each of the previous three centuries, and not
at all so far in the 21st century? Alarmists will need to somehow up
their game if they are to make progress in scaring the public into

A version of this article appeared March 11, 2013, on page A17 in the
U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Notable &

Read the full article by Lawrence Solomon here.



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Are donations tax-deductibe?


Yes. Energy Probe Research Foundation is a federally registered Canadian charity. All donations will result in a chaitrable tax receipt for tax purposes.


Is Energy Probe's global warming work funded by the oil industry?


No. In fact, Energy Probe receives almost no grants from any corporations, governments, or unions, whether for its global warming work or for other research. About 98% of Energy Probe's funding comes from individual donations and earnings from the sale of its books and other works.


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How Energy Probe is changing public opinion on global warming


We are one of Canada's largest and oldest environmental organizations and the first to warn of potential dangers from global warming in the late 1980s. But as the scientific evidence came in showing that the danger from warming was all-but non-existent, Energy Probe became a leader in the campaign to correct misinformation on climate change -- we are the West's only environmental group to dispute the conventional wisdom on climate change. Through Lawrence Solomon's  book, The Deniers, which became the #1 environmental best seller in both Canada and the U.S., through his 100-odd columns and blogs in the National Post, and through countless media appearances, Energy Probe has reached more Canadians than any other organization, helping to turn the tide on public opinion.


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The Economist, others, change their tune on global warming


Climate changing for global warming journalists

(April 13, 2013) The Economist and other journalism icons are beginning to reassess their position on global warming.

Temperatures have not risen over the past 15 years, making a mockery of the computer programs that showed temperatures rising in lockstep with carbon dioxide. Credit: AFP/GettyImages/NASA handout.

Lawrence Solomon

The overwhelming consensus on global warming among journalists may be cracking. Last week, the world’s most prestigious newsmagazine – The Economistbacked away from its past alarmist position, saying that “If climate scientists were credit-rating agencies, climate sensitivity would be on negative watch.” The Economist now discounts the high-end estimates of warming coming from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as being unlikely if not far-fetched.

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FAQs about global warming


Is it true that 97% of scientists fear global warming?


No. The study that made that claim based it on the views of a mere 77 cherry-picked scientists. Here is an explanation of how the study arrived at that percentage:

In fact, most of the world's top scientists dispute the claim that humans are responsible for dangerous climate change. These include America's best-known scientist (Freeman Dyson), France's best-known scientist (Claude Allegre) and Italy's best known scientist (Antonino Zichichi).


Isn't Antarctica melting?


No. Because this vast continent is inaccessible, there's only one way to tell if Antarctica is gaining or losing ice overall -- by satellite measurements. These show that Antarctica has been gaining ice.

In addition, the Americans have had an outpost in Antarctica continuously since the 1950s. Temperature readings taken since then shiow Antarctica is colder now than then.

Here's more on the subject:

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