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It’s winter time in Shlomi, a small town in Northern Israel, and most children are heading from school to a warm home and the loving arms of their parents. They’ll sit around the fireplace, sip tea, and talk excitedly about Hanukkah plans.

But not Orli. Orli’s home is empty. Mommy will be working until very late at night. Daddy isn’t around anymore, and her big brother is too busy with friends that make her feel scared.

Instead of walking home, Orli is heading to the Parchei Shlomi Youth Clubhouse. When she arrives, she knows she’ll get a big hug from Dafni, the house mother. Itamar will help her with her math homework, and then she’ll build a tower with her friend, Hillel. She’ll finish playing right in time for a warm supper (she hopes it’s couscous with vegetables – her favorite!), and then she’ll sit and practice reading.

The clubhouse is a safe haven to fifteen at-risk children like Orli. For some, it’s the only place they feel loved. This holiday season, we want them to know that they are important to us all. The clubhouse is in urgent need of new furniture, like cozy couches and bookshelves, to make it feel more like a home.

Donate now, and help furnish a haven for 15 children at-risk, in time for the holiday season.

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shmuel B.
Nahariya, Israel
donated: $210
Marjorie C.
Louisville, KY
donated: $189
Tamara V.
United States
donated: $150
Eve S.
Hollywood, FL
donated: $54
Eskil U.
Uppsala, Sweden
donated: $50
Daniel M.
New York, NY
donated: $26

Write a wish to the children!

Eskil U.
3 months, 3 weeks ago

I wish thee kids a successful future - aim for studying!

Marjorie C.
4 months ago

Our High Adventure Partners/Voice of Hope, Jerusalem - from America are donating from our "Widows & Orphans" fund to help. We love you, Margie
Marjorie Carpenter
Chief Operating Officer

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About the Parchei Shlomi At-Risk Youth Club

The “Parchei Shlomi” club is a complementary educational and social framework that operates five days a week from 13:30 to 18:30. The club aims to improve the children's social and family ties, provide them with social-educational enrichment acivities, help them with their homework, provide a hot meal, and nurture their parents' relationship with the club and the children.

The clubhouse functions as a home that provides the children with warmth, love, reinforcement and enrichment in the areas required for their proper development and advancement.

The club serves 15 children aged 6-12 (elementary school students). The children are considered at risk, and come from multi-problem families, families from low socio-economic backgrounds, families who for any reason find it difficult to provide the child with a range of developmental needs. The club provides children with a nurturing environment and fills in the family model, prevents wandering, distances them from the street, and reduces the child’s “risk,” without cutting off the child from his or her natural environment and family.

The club has two permanent staff members - a mentor and a home mother, coordinated by the Department of Education and the Welfare Department, and additional volunteers from the service department of the army.

Each child has a personal program. The counselor is in constant contact with the class teachers, parents, and family social workers.



Is my donation tax deductable?


Yes it is!


Why is OR Movement doing this?


Galilee towns like Shlomi are very important to the future of Israel, and especially to making the Galilee into an independant center of living in time for the year 2048. If the children of Shlomi are given the opportunities they deserve, they will be able to build the future they need.

About OR Movement

The Need

Israel’s population is growing at a fantastic rate: by the year 2048 it is predicted to double and reach 16 million.

The current demographic and economic spread in Israel has an unsustainable reliance on the center of the country. This dependency has already created several problems, including a national housing crisis.

If the situation continues along with the State’s forecasted population growth, the problems will be exacerbated. An economy and population of 16 million dependent on one small state center will cause overcrowding, prohibitive housing prices, immovable traffic, and overall loss in quality of life.

The solution is in the underpopulated remaining 70% of the land mass. The Negev and Galilee each have the developing potential to become independent population and economic centers in their own right. Utilizing this potential will allow the state to develop and thrive at a healthier and stronger rate, encouraging a high quality of life for the overall Israeli population.


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