1. Click Take the Challenge to create your own page, raise $500 and earn 2 tickets to the show.
  2. Use the tools provided to promote the cause to your friends and family.
  3. Don't stop at $500. We will award special prizes and experiences to the top fundraisers, including meet & greets, VIP access and signed memorabilia.
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Tickets are limited, only the first 500 people to reach the fundraising goal will receive tickets.

100% of net proceeds benefit children affected by the earthquake & tsunami to provide child care services and financial support to children at risk of not continuing their studies, psychological support as well as play zones for those who cannot play outside due to radiation fears.



Top 50 fundraisers attend a meet & greet with Linkin Park (group photo included).

Top 10 fundraisers receive a signed instrument from the band from their European/UK tour plus a meet & greet with Linkin Park (single meet & greet pass only - group photo included).

Top fundraiser gets the opportunity to watch the show from the stage plus a meet & greet with Linkin Park (single meet & greet pass only - group photo included + individual photo with the band) plus a signed instrument from the band (first choice of instrument).

All show attendees will receive a commemorative laminate; top fundraiser laminates will be distinct.

Participants who do not reach the fundraising goal of $500 and therefore do not get tickets to the show will get a thank you from MFR recognizing their efforts.


Concert date is August 31, 2011 and is subject to change.

Tickets are limited due to venue capacity. Only the first 500 participants (as determined by MFR) who reach the fundraising goal of $500 (verified by MFR), will get pair of tickets. MFR’s determination concerning the Participants deemed eligible for the pair of tickets shall be final.

Tickets are non-transferrable. Upon reaching the fundraising goal Participant will be notified about how to redeem tickets.

Tickets only come in pairs. Participant must reach the fundraising goal of $500 to receive a pair of tickets.

To get tickets to the concert, Participant must raise $500 by Wednesday August 24, 2011 at 5:00pm PDT.

In order for donations to count towards a Participant’s fundraising goal, donations must be made through that Participant’s fundraising page.

Donations will NOT be refunded if Participant does not reach the fundraising goal or get a ticket to the concert.

Participants are responsible for their own travel/transportation to the show.

Participants must be 18 years of age and over or 16 years of age with parental consent.

By participating each Participant agrees that Participant irrevocably consents to being photographed, filmed and/or recorded in conjunction with all activities connected to the fundraiser (including, if applicable, at the meet and greet and concert), and including content on any fundraising page associated with Participant, and to use by and through Linkin Park, its sub-licensees and assigns, of any and all such photos, films and recordings and content (and the name of Participant) in any and all media in any manner whatsoever in Linkin Park’s discretion, perpetually throughout the universe.

Where applicable, Participant assumes all risk associated or connected with use of any instrument provided by Linkin Park and Participant hereby irrevocably releases Linkin Park from any and all claims, demands, actions, losses, costs and expenses, relating to personal injury and/or any other liability associated with such use.


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刘如银说:美国的精准医疗主要是围绕着基因组、蛋白组等方面的检测,也就是围绕分子生物学的特性,针对个体化的病理特征进行治疗。而我们所关注的不仅如此,更是系统化的,全过程、全要素、全局性的对医疗过程和临床实践进行优化。我们所指的精准医疗也是针对每一个病人的具体病情,正确选择并精确的应用适当的治疗方法。刘如银认为:精准医疗的最终目标是以最小化的医源性损害 ...

Neal O.
6 years, 3 months ago

Good luck!

Neal O.
6 years, 3 months ago

Good luck!

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On August 31, 2011 Linkin Park and B'z, the best-selling artist in Japan, will play a small, intimate show at a secret venue in Los Angeles. This is the opportunity to see Linkin Park like you've never seen them before. Venue will only be announced to those who earn tickets, approximately one week before the show.

After their support of Music for Relief by lending a song to Download to Donate for Japan, Linkin Park invited best-selling Japanese band B'z to play at this unique show with them.

Formed in 1988, B’z are guitarist Tak Matsumoto and vocalist, Koshi Inaba. Over the span of twenty-three years, B’z have released 17 albums, and 49 singles, with 45 of those singles consecutively debuting #1 on Japan’s Oricon Single Chart. B’z have sold over 80 million CDs in Japan alone, making them the best-selling artist in Japan’s history. For more information visit www.bz-vermillion.com

On March 11, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan, immediately followed by a massive tsunami. The disasters caused devastation along Japan’s northeast coast, especially in the Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures. The crisis has been compounded by damage to nuclear power plants that resulted in large-scale evacuations.

Music for Relief is supporting the work of Save the Children in response to the disasters to set up child-friendly spaces in shelters in affected areas which provide children with an opportunity to play safely while allowing parents to work on the recovery. In the long-term, Save the Children will support civil society groups in the affected area focused on providing services, care, and assistance to children.

Founded by Linkin Park, Music for Relief is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to victims of natural disasters and the prevention of such disasters. Since its inception in 2005, Music for Relief has raised over $4 million for victims of multiple disasters across four continents. Music for Relief also supports environmental programs including the planting of over 810,000 trees to help reduce global warming. The organization was recently recognized by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon for the Download to Donate program to raise funds and awareness in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. For more information visit www.musicforrelief.org.


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Brian P.
United States
donated: $22,500
LP Canyon, California
donated: $4,010
Aerin K.
St. Louis, Missouri
donated: $3,805
United States
donated: $3,500
  Steve H.
United States
donated: $3,330
Jeff Ekhardt
Mountain View, CA
donated: $3,300
Howie C.
Bayside, New York
donated: $3,200
Karen M.
United States
donated: $3,100
Ryan D.
United States
donated: $3,035
Michael P.
United States
donated: $2,700
  john G.
United States
donated: $2,500
donated: $2,500
United States
donated: $2,470
Paul S.
Sacramento, CA
donated: $2,260
Rika Broccoli
Los Angeles, California/Osaka
donated: $2,250
  Brendan B.
United States
donated: $2,000
  Sony Pictures Matching Gift
donated: $1,987
Luanne C.
United States
donated: $1,960
  thelma B.
United States
donated: $1,800
Susie P.
United States
donated: $1,724

All Donors
'Marcel' Oraña
Bellflower, California
Aaron R.
United States
Aaron S.
Adam D.
United States
Aerin K.
St. Louis, Missouri
  Alan S.
United States
  Alex L.
United States
Alexander D.
Laguna Hills, CA
Alfredo C.
United States
Alicia S.
Stanton, CA
  Allison N.
United States
Alvin Yano
Los Angeles, CA
Amanda S.
United States
Anabela A.
United States
Andrew C.
United States
  Angel V.
United States
Anne Marie L.
United States
  Anthony S.
Arik T.
Northridge, California


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top fundraisers


Congratulations to the TOP FUNDRAISER Nikolai Pawloski!  Thanks to all of the amazing fundraisers who made the contribution to Japan relief possible.  Below are the top 50!

1    Nikolai Pawlowski
2    Mike Vandenburg
3    Karen Moning   
4    Brian Pawlowski   
5    Paris Cohen   
6    Susie Palmer   
7    Jeffery Stafford   
8    Aurelia Hough   
9    Aerin  Kaiser   
10    Kimberly Johnson   
11    Elise Friedman   
12    Dave Thomas   
13    Howie Chou   
14    Steve Hogan   
15    Jeff Ekhardt   
16    Luanne C.   
17    Michael Pariente   
18    Ryan Dellacrosse   
19    Ananya Mishra   
20    Paul Smith   
21    Rika Broccoli   
22    Gayle Brand   
23    Mina Kono
24    Aaron Silberman   
25    Jared Gonsalves
26    David Pressman
27    Kenneth  Hitz   
28    kyle imaoka   
29    Francesca  Mariano   
30    Sonya Choy   
31    Quan Nguyen   
32    Christine and Wade   
33    ChingSan YANG   
34    Toyoko Kawai
35    Marco Masis   
36    Judy Chan   
36    Shizuka G   
38    RAMIN SALEM   
39    keith macht   
40    Gerald Correa   
41    Nichole McKissick
42    Amy Marutani   
43    Janessa Jones   
44    Kevin Stuecklen   
45    Tracey Tague
46    Tomomi Sakata
47    Anthony Schlehner   
48    Steve McAvinue   
49    Jamie Kapella   
50    Andrew Chan   

TOP TEN - They get an instrument
1 Nikolai Pawlowski
2 Jessica/Mike Vandenburg
3 Karen Moning
4 Brian Pawlowski
5 Paris Cohen
6 Susie Palmer
7 Jeffery Stafford
8 Aurelia Hough
9 Aerin  Kaiser
10 Kimberly Johnson

11 Elise Friedman
12 Dave Thomas
13 Howie Chou
14 Steve Hogan
15 Jeff Ekhardt
16 Luanne C.
17 Michael Pariente
18 Ryan Dellacrosse
19 Ananya Mishra
20 Paul Smith
21 Rika Broccoli
22 Gayle Brand
23 Mina Kono
24 Aaron Silberman
25 Jared Gonsalves
26 David Pressman
27 Kenneth  Hitz
28 kyle imaoka
29 Francesca  Mariano
30 Sonya Choy
31 Quan Nguyen
32 Christine and Wade
33 ChingSan YANG
34 Toyoko Kawai
35 Marco Masis
36 Judy Chan
36 Shizuka G
39 keith macht
40 Gerald Correa
41 Nichole McKissick
42 amy marutani
43 Janessa Jones
44 Kevin Stuecklen
45 Tracey Tague
46 Tomomi Sakata
47 Anthony Schlehner
48 Steve McAvinue
49 Jamie Kapella
50 Andrew Chan
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