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"The hardest part . . . when you're gone for six months, your family grows without you . . . you come home to strangers. And then after you get home, if there aren't resources it makes it that much harder"

US Navy Chief Quartermaster John Lehnen.

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Ave M.
4 years, 5 months ago

Thank you military families for all you do for us. I do not take this country's freedom for granted!

Roland Warren
4 years, 6 months ago

I salute NFI for its amazing work and support of the deployed dads!

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Military Family Preparedness


National Fatherhood Initiative


NFI is the leading distributor of father-specific resources to the U.S. military. This commitment reflects the priority NFI places on assisting servicemen to manage the challenges of remaining connected to their families and children, even while deployed.

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what is a Fatherhood Resource Center?

Fatherhood Resource Centers™ are convenient kiosks filled with our high-quality fatherhood resources - brochures, interactive CD-ROMs, and more! These kiosks allow Military Family Programs to provide information in a format that is easy for fathers and families to access with a polished, professional look. 
The resources, including NFI's Deployed Fathers & Families Guide and Dad's Pocket Guides, provide dads practical tips for connecting with their kids and handling the unqiue stresses of deployment and homecoming. 

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Kenneth B.
United States
donated: $150
Roland Warren
United States
donated: $100
United States
donated: $75
Christopher B.
United States
donated: $50
Ave M.
United States
donated: $50
Vincent D.
United States
donated: $20
Melissa S.

Help NFI equip military dads


Approximately 1.8 million children and families of military dads are affected by the unique stress of military life, particularly during deployment. Help us support them!

If you can help NFI achieve its target, together we can provide a complete Fatherhood Resource Center for a military base in need!

The dads of military kids will benefit from National Fatherhood Initiative's unique educational materials for dads - to help them stay involved with their kids, and be there for them, even while deployed. 

Unfortunately, research shows that the kids of military dads can experience similar unfortunate outcomes as children in father-absent homes - such as doing poorly in school, emotional/social issues, maltreatment, and more. 

Your support means a military child gets the dad they need to be prosperous and successful.

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