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Your donation is now worth DOUBLE! Thank you to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh!

Over the next months, Orr Shalom will find homes for approximately 50 children who have been removed from their homes by the social welfare services, after suffering severe abuse, neglect and tragedy.

These children will arrive in their new foster or family group homes with little or no personal possessions, from highly traumatic circumstances, in acute distress. Many just come with the clothes they are wearing. They literally have nothing. It costs just $500 to equip a child with a start-up pack to meet their basic needs. Please help.

Your donation is now worth DOUBLE!


Dollar for a dollar!!

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh have generously agreed to MATCH every donation - dollar for a dollar (for the first $8,500 donated)

Today, your gift will go TWICE as far!


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Start-up pack for each child

Item / Activity Cost
Clothing $175
School items - uniform, bag, stationery items $100
Bedding - including towel $75
Footwear $50
Toiletries - toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo etc - for babies, this could include diapers, bottles, pacifiers etc $50
Toy / Comforter $25
Underwear $25
Total: $500

Orr Shalom for Israel's Children-at-Risk


Orr Shalom rescues and cares for Israel’s children who have been removed from their homes by the social welfare services, having suffered severe abuse and/or neglect, or because they have been abandoned by their parents or suffered a familial tragedy.

We care for 1,300 children from birth to 18+ years from all sectors of Israeli society, in a variety of frameworks including foster care (regular, therapeutic and emergency), family group homes, and closed intensive therapeutic homes.


Give these children a new start


Children arrive at Orr Shalom from highly traumatic situations, with little or no personal possessions from home. Help alleviate their anguish and their transition to their new lives.


Completed Successfully


Thank you for your support!

Our 95 donors and supporters made this campaign a success in 32 days.

Raised $12,097 out of $25,000



Ella's story


This year, Ella (name changed) arrived in one of Orr Shalom's Family Group Homes aged eight. She had been found by neighbors, wandering without
clothes on the street in the cold, having been forced out of her home as punishment. Police immediately uncovered a background of abuse within her home, as well as extreme neglect of her basic needs.

Ella arrived at our home severely shaken and traumatized, and with literally no possessions - having been given spare clothes to wear at the police station. The start-up pack that Ella received, with clothes, toiletries, linen, night wear etc, gave her some comfort and security, and enabled her to function practically during the initial period of her stay in the home. 


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