Pesach Bread Campaign

Can you buy bread knowing that children in Israel have not a slice of bread to eat today?

Can you buy bread for your children, knowing that children in Israel have not a slice of bread to eat today?

What if the last words you heard from your child before going to sleep was " Mommy, I am so hungry."

Pesach has ended and the mad rush has begun to fill the shelves with chometz products. For children like Ariel, the pantry shelves will remain bare, unless you fill them up for him.

As you stock your pantry with bread and crackers, help ensure that these children in Israel have simple bread to assuage their hunger. They will watch the people flock the stores, smell the aroma of freshly baked bread and see them enjoy each pastry. But then they are drawn back to their hunger. Their pantry is bare. There is no food to eat. While everyone else enjoys freshly baked goods, tonight these children know they will be going to bed hungry.

Most poor people in Israel today are children. Ariel, unfortunately, won't be the only child with empty shelves after Pesach.

It costs $560 to supply one distribution area with bread. Please consider partnering a distribution.

Because no Jewish child in Israel should go to bed hungry- EVER!

100% of every dollar donated feeds these children.

Please give now.


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Campaign Ended

Thank you for your support!

Raised $3,720 out of $10,000


Ronald M.
Los Angeles, CA
donated: $3,000
Shoshana Malka Lamm
Far Rockaway, NY
donated: $250
Leo Z.
Long Beach, NY
donated: $180
Bertha P. P.
Beechhurst, NY
donated: $100
Alexandra L.
Brooklyn , NY
donated: $50
Lateif D.
Jersey City, NJ
donated: $40
Rachel Cynamon
Brooklyn, NY
donated: $36
Meir F.
North Woodmere, NY
donated: $36
London , United Kingdom
donated: $18
Bobby S.
Queens, NY
donated: $10

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