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Saadya L.

Hi my name is Saadya. I Live in Maryland and I'm 11 years old.

I will be visiting Israel this summer and will be running in this race to raise money for Orr Shalom, an important organization.

I love running races and I look forward to this race.

Please support my efforts by sponsoring me.

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Saadya L.
4 years, 11 months ago

I'm so proud of you! Good luck on the run!

Saadya L.
4 years, 11 months ago

You haven't even run and I'm already proud of you for doing this!

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The children you are running for...

Sarit*, aged 16, was removed from her home after her father killed her mother and was subsequently imprisoned for life.  Three years ago she came to live in one of our family group homes and has since attended the Safe Haven four times a year, every year.  Sarit is totally alone in the world with no family network.  Vacation time is particularly difficult for her as she watches her school friends spend time with their families and enjoy outings and trips.  Sarit has no place to go.  It is essential that we continue to provide her with a safe haven during school vacations.  

The cost per child, for 21 days of summer Safe Haven camp

Item / Activity Cost
Accommodation and food ₪1,150
Therapeutic counselors ₪6,250
Activities ₪370
Total: ₪7,770

Our Friends on Facebook

My goal: ₪5,000

I already raised: ₪435

Campaign Ended

Thank you for your support!

Raised ₪41,805 out of ₪50,000

The children you are running for...

Runners, Teams, and Impact

Saadya L.
Silver Spring, MD
donated: ₪435
עובדי אור שלום ר.
Berinson family Run for Orr Shalom
Tomer Running for Orr Shalom
The Raye Family
David J.
Aviva Peimer

Register for the run here!

Register for the run (either 5k or 10k) HERE (and use our code orr2014 to receive your special 20% discount). Make sure to choose Orr Shalom as your running team. 

...but don't forget to come back and create your personal fundraising page - just click the orange 'start fundraising' button above!

Make your run count, and Run2gether for the children of Orr Shalom - Israel's children at-risk.

Orr Shalom for Israel's Children-at-Risk

Orr Shalom rescues and cares for Israel’s children who have been removed from their homes by the social welfare services, having suffered severe abuse and/or neglect, or because they have been abandoned by their parents or suffered a familial tragedy.

We care for 1,300 children from birth to 18+ years from all sectors of Israeli society, in a variety of frameworks including foster care (regular, therapeutic and emergency), family group homes, and closed intensive therapeutic homes.

The children you are running for...

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