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Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, a few months ago, when Rob and I were out walking our 3 dog babies we found a tiny blob of cotton dumped in the middle of a cold dark street. As we got closer though, and saw a car swerve and narrowly miss hitting the blob we realized it was actually a tiny poodle.

We wondered why the pup wasn't running away, or scared by the traffic or us as we approached with 3 big barking dogs. We would find out later that the poodle was completely deaf, we think due to severe head trauma.

We took the little guy home and attempted for about 24 hours to find his previous owner until we realized that he was severely malnourished, neglected and physically abused. It is very likely someone threw him out of the car in the middle of he road to die.

Despite our attempts to avoid it, we fell in love with this little orphan we named Oliver, and so did all of the big dogs that wanted to eat him that first dark morning. To this day, Oliver can still get very nervous and will scream if you try to touch his head or face. But he has plumped up, he is healthy, he is cuddly and sweet, playful and full of energy and he is in a forever home where he is adored.

I know not everyone can take in all of the hurt and needy animals that are so hatefully dumped aside, but if you can take just 5 minutes and donate anything that you can, you can help save an animal like Oliver who has so much good life left to live.


Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo
United States
donated: $100
United States
donated: $25
Regina Chacon
United States
donated: $25
Marcia S.
United States
donated: $25
Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo
United States
Barbara L Duno Duno
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