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WOW! We have the best supporters! Thank you to everyone who contributed to Save Snowflake!

We reached our goal of $20,000 in only 4 days, we are truly humbled and blown away by your generosity!


Snowflake's Story

UPDATE- September 16

Snowflake was discharged from The WHS clinic this afternoon in high spirits and will be settling back in at home. From our staff and volunteers at The WHS to those who donated to Snowflake's recovery and were checking her condition via social media...thank you! These happy endings are not possible without your support.

UPDATE- September 15

Snowflake has arrived back at The WHS and she is so happy to be back! She is in great spirits after her successful skin grafting surgeries.  She is eating well and enjoying time with our staff and volunteers.  We all missed her! 

UPDATE- September 10

Snowflake is healing well after 4 skin grafting surgeries at The Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Thank you to all the staff at WCVM for taking such wonderful care of Snowflake. We hope to have Snowflake back at The WHS by early next week!

UPDATE - Sepmeber 1

We will be saying good-bye to Snowflake for a few days as she makes her way to The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in Saskatoon for her skin grafting surgery. Best of luck Snowflake!

UPDATE- August 31

WOW! We have the best supporters! Thank you to everyone who contributed to Save Snowflake!  We reached our goal of $20,000 in only 4 days, we are truly humbled and blown away by your generosity!

Our original goal was $20,000 and thanks to your support we've exceeded it. Although this is severe case, animals like Snowflake come through our doors every week. Take Pickles for example, the one eyed puppy that needed surgery after being attacked by an adult dog, or Puss, the cat who is missing two back legs. Puss and Pickles are the two of many that are in need of our outstanding clinic and your support.  We and our animals count our lucky stars we have such a supportive community.  Any money raised over the cost of Snowflake’s care will be designated to help the other 8,000 animals The Winnipeg Humane Society sees each year.  Thank you for your support and your compassion!

Snowflake's Story

Snowflake, the two-year old standard poodle was badly burned in a semi truck crash on August 18.

Snowflake was rushed to The Winnipeg Humane Society where our veterinarians and animal health staff immediately went to work to save her life. She had severe burns all over her body.

Her burns need medical treatment and care everyday. Her day starts with hydrotherapy to clean her wounds and is followed by entire body bandaging. The bandages are lined with honey because of its natural anti bacterial properties which promotes wound healing.

Our vets say, She's just the most amazing dog. She's so sweet. The day after she came here, we had her full head-to-toe in bandages and she was wagging her tail at us. She is just such a strong, brave dog. It's just really moved all of us to do everything we can for her.

Her pain is managed through a patch that is placed on her forehead. This is the only unaffected part in her body. 

She may need surgical skin grafting but the vets are still unsure when that will take place. 

It’s a long recovery process.

That's why we need YOU!

In the week since Snowflake arrived her medical expenses have cost approxiately $2,000.

We cannot afford this costly and necessary care without your support.  Please Save Snowflake Today!


Beryl G.
Ladysmith , BC, Canada
donated: C$1,000
Dwane K.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
donated: C$1,000
Kelly + Len A.
Lorette, MB, Canada
donated: C$500
Chad I.
Ottawa, On, Canada
donated: C$500
Lorraine & Wayne F.
donated: C$300
Paula J.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
donated: C$200
Laurie E.
Toronto, On, Canada
donated: C$200
Stephen L.
Kitchener, On, Canada
donated: C$200
Darlene P.
Stittsville, On, Canada
donated: C$200
April S.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
donated: C$200

All Donors
Kristine S.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Eileen M.
Picton, On, Canada
Andrea M.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Gina T.
Woodbridge, On, Canada
Vicky W.
Cookstown, On, Canada



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Thank you for your support!

Our 634 donors and supporters made this campaign a success in 4 days.

Raised C$22,025 out of C$20,000

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Save Snowflake

Snowflake's Cost of Care (Daily)

Item / Activity Cost
Hydrotherapy C$45
Bandage Routine C$30
Antibiotics C$30
Food, shelter and daily care C$30
Pain medication C$20
Anesthesia C$45
Total: C$200

User Comments

Eileen M.
3 years, 8 months ago

please keep us updated on your website. Always want to hear how she is doing. thank you

3 years, 8 months ago

God bless you dear friends. I love dogs to the maximum but unfortunately cant be of any help to you.
Will keenly watch your such humane and novel efforts.
God bless you again.

James A.
3 years, 8 months ago

We saw the story about Snowflake on CTV news in Vancouver. Thank you for helping her

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