Give 40 children in Shtula a safe place to play

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Do you believe that children deserve a happy childhood?

Shtula is a small town on Israel’s hostile Lebanon border. Every winter, as Shtula reaches the lowest temperatures in Israel, the children are forced to make a difficult choice: travel along the dangerous border to the nearest indoor play center, or stay inside, all alone. Usually, they end up sitting inside, counting away the days until they can play safely again.

You can help the children of Shtula create happy childhood memories. Give them an indoor youth center; take a neglected community building, and fill it with furniture and games for all ages.

Please donate now, and give 40 children in Shtula a safe and happy place to play.

Budget Breakdown

Item / Activity Cost
Furniture and Infrastructure $12,600
Tech: computers, projectors, sound system $8,000
Books and Table Games $2,200
Toddler Gym $2,200
Total: $25,000


A glimpse at life around Shtula

International Giving

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Campaign Ended

Thank you for your support!

Raised $22,421 out of $25,000


Borehamwood and Elstree S.
Borehamwood Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
donated: $10,800
Michael G.
United States
donated: $2,200
Wollert B.
Uppsala, Sweden
donated: $725
Adrian G.
United States
donated: $720
Luis O.
New York, NY
donated: $525
Dalia R.
Chicago, Chicago
donated: $500
Forest Hill, MD
donated: $500
Chuck K.
Lake Forestorest, IL
donated: $500
Brian M.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
donated: $360
Arnold M.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
donated: $200

All Donors
Ofir Fisher
Ofir Fisher

Raised $4,955
Arnon Shafir

Raised $10

User Comments

Bjørn H.
2 years, 9 months ago

God bless you

2 years, 9 months ago

Hi Ofir Sorry I missed your earlier e mail. Will help out.

Wollert B.
2 years, 9 months ago

Gift from Word of Life, Sweden

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Is my donation tax deductable?


Yes it is!


Why do people live in Shtula?


Families live in Shtula for a variety of reasons. Most come with a belief in strengthening Israeli presence on the borders. Many love the vibrant and warm community and family-oriented atmosphere. For some, it's just the beautiful scenery that captures their hearts.

About Shtula

In 1967 an idealistic group of Israelis came together and founded Shtula, a Moshav on Israel’s border with Lebanon. The new community added a strong presence to the endangered border. Over the years, the community suffered many hardships due to its strategic location, and its population began to dwindle.

In 2010 a group of ten young families with a vision and determination, moved into Shtula, and revived the community’s hopes for the future.

About OR Movement

The Need

Israel’s population is growing at a fantastic rate: by the year 2048 it is predicted to double and reach 16 million.

The current demographic and economic spread in Israel has an unsustainable reliance on the center of the country. This dependency has already created several problems, including a national housing crisis.

If the situation continues along with the State’s forecasted population growth, the problems will be exacerbated. An economy and population of 16 million dependent on one small state center will cause overcrowding, prohibitive housing prices, immovable traffic, and overall loss in quality of life.

The solution is in the underpopulated remaining 70% of the land mass. The Negev and Galilee each have the developing potential to become independent population and economic centers in their own right. Utilizing this potential will allow the state to develop and thrive at a healthier and stronger rate, encouraging a high quality of life for the overall Israeli population.


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