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Sarah M.

As many of my friends and family know my sweet, baby, old-man Sunny passed away last month. When I rescued him he was already 18 years old and was expected to pass away soon. Instead I pampered and loved him like crazy and he lived another four years. He needed so much help and special feedings, extra water and medications that he took up all my free time and my life ran on his geriatric schedule. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that cat. And he's not the only cat I have loved and protected.

More than my own personal feline companions I have helped to save thousands of cats and other animals every year. And for my birthday I want to save more. How about 1,600 more cats? But I can't do this alone.

I am donating my birthday to help save lives. Instead of spending money on a birthday present, gift card, going out to dinner with me, or handing me cash in a stylishly funny Birthday card - please donate to the BC SPCA.

Spaying and neutering does more than prevent over population of unwanted cats who will starve, freeze and be hunted. You can prevent them from contracting illnesses and behavioural problems including some cancers, depression and more.

Not only will we be able to fix unwanted cats, the BC SPCA will also be able to assess homeless cats brought in for surgery and identify which ones could be adoptable and help them find forever homes where their last memory will be the love of a guardian and not the chill of the open air and the fear of predators.

My goal is to raise $274. Why? Sunny died at 22, which is 105 in cat years. I am turning 36, but plan to live to 107. And my only kitty at home, Missy, just celebrated her 4th birthday. Add all that together and you get $274.

When you donate, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar and fund a three to five year program that will help solve this cat crisis. So in the end I will raise $548 to help my favourite animal, cats!

P.S. Everyone who donates will also be invited to my super-secret ice cream party. Shhhh.

Double your impact


In seven years, one unspayed female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats. Your gift won't multiply exponentially like that, but it will double!

What will my gift do?: You will care for the sick, starving and injured cats that arrive at our door. Your gift provides:

  • $40 for a health check;
  • $84 a week for food and shelter;
  • $475 to pay the entire cost of one cat in our care, from rescue through to adoption.

What happens when my gift is matched?: When your gift is matched dollar for dollar you'll help us not only rescue and rehabilitate cats in distress, but also work towards a long-term solution. We'll launch the ambitious 3-5 year Salt Spring Spay Neuter Intervention Program (SSSNIP) that will help stop feral and free roaming cats from multiplying exponentially.

Please help us save thousands of cats and kittens from suffering needlessly!


Margaret Franey's Vision


The late Margaret Franey, an island resident, loved cats. Whether here at home, or on her travels, she always managed to find a homeless or feral cat, suffering from hunger and neglect, who needed her help.

That is why she wanted to leave $50,000 to the local BC SPCA to help solve Salt Spring Island’s most pressing animal issue: the cat crisis. Her family has honored her wishes by setting up a matching gift challenge: every donation from the public to Salt Spring Branch’s Solve the Cat Crisis Campaign will be matched by Margaret's estate.

 “I know that if she is looking down she will be thrilled to see this money now being spent to achieve her fondest wish of helping solve the stray cat problem on Salt Spring” says her husband Basil Franey, of the campaign.


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My goal: C$548

I already raised: C$170

Completed Successfully


Thank you for your support!

Our 97 donors and supporters made this campaign a success in 88 days.

Raised C$80,996 out of C$100,000

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Significant gift in memory of Roberta K. Shapiro helps campaign reach goal


We’re extremely grateful to Dr. Stanley Shapiro for his generous gift in memory of his late wife Roberta, which helped bring our campaign to a successful close.

Her last pet Hank, a tuxedo cat, came from the Salt Spring SPCA. Like many of the homeless cats that roam the island today, he’d lived rough for a while, but finally found his forever home with Roberta.

Roberta wrote a book about his experiences: In From the Cold: Hank's Story (Hank would lie on her desk as she wrote!), and donated proceeds to the Salt Spring branch.

Dr. Shapiro said Roberta “was so grateful for all the cheer Hank brought into her life so this gift in her memory toward this very important BC SPCA project only seems appropriate”.



Alan S.
New Westminster, BC, Canada
donated: C$40
Warren S.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$40
Sarah M.
Burnaby, BC, Canada
donated: C$40
Wietske S.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$40
Carol M.
donated: C$10
Karen W.
Sarah M.
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Brian R.
Burlingame, CA
ramadevi rainbow M.



Will I get a charitable tax receipt for this gift?


Yes! You will get an official PDF tax receipt emailed to you for your records. Please check your “junk” folder if you don’t receive it within 24 hours. If you haven’t received it, or you have any questions about your receipt please contact us via email or contact Donor Relations at 604-681-7271 or toll-free 1-800-665-1868.


How does the BC SPCA compare to other charities?


The BC SPCA is proud to be among the elite group of Canadian organizations to be accredited by Imagine Canada, the national umbrella for charities and nonprofits.

The BC SPCA has received accreditation status through the Imagine Canada Standards Program, a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charities and nonprofits designed to demonstrate excellence in five fundamental areas: financial accountability and transparency; board governance; fundraising; staff management and volunteer involvement.

Only 45 charitable organizations hold Imagine Canada accreditation status and the BC SPCA is the first Canadian humane society to become accredited.

You can be confident that your BC SPCA donation is being used efficiently and effectively. Read more about our governance and accountability here.


About the BC SPCA


Each year we rescue and care for almost 29,000 injured, homeless, neglected and abused animals across BC. We are the only animal welfare organization in BC that has the authority to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty, and to recommend criminal charges. Read more...

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