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IMPORTANT NOTE: Stuffy's goal has been met, but if you would still like to support Cruelty Investigations and animals like Stuffy, please contact the Generosity Services team at:

604.681.7271 (or, if outside the Lower Mainland, 1.800.665.1865)

or send your gift to:
1245 East 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1

Stuffy's story:

Imagine that you broke both of your legs and never had them treated. Imagine the constant agony that would be - for Stuffy that is his reality.

The subject of a BC SPCA cruelty investigation, Stuffy was seized by BC SPCA constables with two broken front legs that require immediate orthopedic surgery.

“Stuffy is such a sweetheart! Despite the pain he’s been in, he’s so friendly and affectionate,” says BC SPCA senior animal protection officer Eileen Drever. “We are currently investigating the circumstances that led to his seizure. We just want him to have the chance to have a fresh start, with the surgery he needs for him to be an active, happy pup again.”

Stuffy needs orthopedic surgery on both front legs in order for his injuries to heal.

After his surgeries and recovery, Stuffy will be available for adoption, Drever notes.
“He’s such an adorable little guy! He’s already been through so much in his short life – we’re hoping he’ll find loving, forever home with guardians who will lavish him with the love and attention he deserves.”

*Goal includes: surgery, medication, and daily care for Stuffy until he’s ready for adoption. If his medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.

Animal Cost of Care (minus medical emergencies)

Item / Activity Cost
Initial Medical Exam C$46
Food, shelter and daily care C$315
Vaccinations C$14
Spay/Neuter and ID Tattoo C$125
Total: C$500

User Comments

2 months ago

I am glad to hear Stuffy found a home.I only wish I knew he was up for adoption.hope you have great life Stuffy.

LeaAnn K.
2 months, 2 weeks ago

So happy stuffy has had his operation and that recovery is happening. Sooo happy to hear he has a loving new home and will be safe. hugs stuffy and wishing you a life time of happiness.

Barb Rathwell
3 months, 2 weeks ago

Stuffy you are adorable! Be a brave little doggie and you will run again! Even though you have reached the goal can I still donate?

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Goal Met!


Raised: C$3,310 by 10-May-17

Campaign Duration: 1 days


May 18

Last week Stuffy had his four-hour surgery. It will still take some time for him to fully heal, but we know he'll make a full recovery. I know that Stuffy's story touched many hearts and that many were interested in bringing him into their homes - if that was you, thank you!

As of this past weekend, Stuffy has found his new family, where he will never have to suffer again and will be loved unconditionally.


Rosemary E.
White Rock, BC, Canada
donated: C$1,000
Kirk H.
Port Moody , BC, Canada
donated: C$500
Wendy V.
North Vancouver , BC, Canada
donated: C$150
Gerald G.
Bamfield , BC, Canada
donated: C$150
Tracy S.
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
donated: C$150
Arvind Grewal G.
Surrey, BC, Canada
donated: C$150
Ronald L.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$100
Sharon S.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$100
Adel J.
Courtenay, BC, Canada
donated: C$100
Denny M.
Black Creek, BC, Canada
donated: C$100
Barbara C.
Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada
donated: C$100
donated: C$75
Sheana B.
Blind Bay, BC, Canada
donated: C$60
Valerie R.
Errington, BC, Canada
donated: C$50
Tracey S.
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
donated: C$50
Denise M.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$50
Leslie J.
Langley, BC, Canada
donated: C$50
Marion W.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$50
LeaAnn K.
Prince George, BC, Canada
donated: C$50
Bonnie O.
Williams Lake , BC, Canada
donated: C$50
Iain C.
Ladysmith, BC, Canada
donated: C$40
Smiljana mary M.
Oliver, BC, Canada
donated: C$25
donated: C$25
Denise V.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$25
Vancouver, BC, Canada
donated: C$20
Marcus E.
Surrey, BC, Canada
donated: C$20
John R.
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
donated: C$20
Barry T.
Langley, BC, Canada
donated: C$20
donated: C$20
John N.
Delta, BC, Canada
donated: C$10

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