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Join hundreds of swimmers from around the world on Friday, May 25 by participating in the third international Swim From The Heart meet in Haifa, Israel. 

Swim From The Heart will raise awareness and critical research funds to predict and prevent sudden cardiac death (SCD) in children and adults–the number one natural cause of death in the United States and worldwide.

Participants will give of their strength, passion, and resources to swim in one of four heats (ranging from 1 km to 7.8 km) in the Haifa Bay—all in support of SCD research at Rambam Health Care Campus.

If you cannot swim with us, please consider making a donation for this life-saving effort.

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How you can help?

Funds raised by swimmers, or supporting swimmers, are dedicated to research and prevention of SCD at Rambam Health Care Campus. You can help make waves by spreading the word to your friends, colleagues, and family. 

Set your own fundraising goal on your own page in minutes. Then ask friends to help you reach it; give2gether lets you see how your friends respond.

Donations are processed through the American Friends of Rambam and are tax deductible. 

What is Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)?

Patients exhibit no warning symptoms until the fatal incident, making prevention difficult. In the young, SCD is usually due to inherited genetic disorders that may result in the death of otherwise healthy individuals. Particularly tragic is the sudden death of a young athlete with no previous exhibited physical problems. Clearly new approaches are needed to enable early detection, prevention, and management to assure a promising future for people at risk for SCD.

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What can be more inspiring than an early morning swim in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranian Sea with the back drop of the magnificent Carmel mountain range sweeping down to meet the shore? The thriving underwater sealife of fish, turtles, and more, will cheer you on with each stroke to affirm life as you Swim From The Heart.

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Swim From The Heart: Already Saving Lives

Since Swim From The Heart began in 2016, more than US$120,000 have been raised to support sudden cardiac death (SCD) research.

Your funding has helped our researchers discover that many genetic syndromes are far more widespread than was previously realized, and are related to SCD. This underscores the urgency for identifying those at risk for SCD.

The third swim meet represents your opportunity to join in this important endeavor to find the cause of SCD and leverage that information to identify those at risk and begin preventive measures that will save their lives.

Your support for SCD research is more important than ever!

2016: Guy Swims 24 hours to Prevent SCD


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