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Since 2010, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra has held more than 100 meetings a year with thousands of students in some 20 elementary schools in Jerusalem and its environs.

Really?! This has been one of the best kept secrets!

Not only that: For many children, these meetings provide them with their first opportunity to observe a bow as it moves gracefully over a violin or to hear the glorious golden sounds of trumpets and horns. Children who otherwise might never have encountered classical music at all, and certainly never at such a high level – and it is constantly growing wider.

Now that you know – it is time to say: This is not enough. With the existing resources we can give the programs to 20 schools only. However, our musicians and the orchestra are prepared to double the program – 200 meetings in 30 schools! We would triple the number of children and families exposed to the program!

This is the reason that we are turning to you today and asking that you make a contribution: Your contribution reaches the children who really need it, and by doing so you strengthen Jerusalem, and its future generation.

Maestro Chaslin would like to thank you


The Program in Details


The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra – IBA believes that musical education starts at a young age, primarily through educational efforts in the community, and that it is this musical education that will inculcate in the children the values of openness and tolerance, thus fulfilling the orchestra’s vision.

Furthermore, the project will strengthen Jerusalem and its human infrastructure and will serve to ease the negative migration of the stronger populations out of the city, by improving and diversifying Jerusalem’s educational system.

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The Jerusalem Symphony, Orchestra, IBA


The JSO IBA, currently celebrating its 75th year, is unique. Loyal to its legacy as the orchestra of the Public Broadcasting Authority, and as Jerusalem's premier orchestra, the JSO IBA embraces a broad vision: To inculcate a tolerant, open culture that is attentive to the needs of different communities. At the heart of this world view is our goal to reach out to the hearts of the younger generations through the universal message of music.


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Campaign Ended


Thank you for your support!

Raised ₪18,360 out of ₪292,000

The Budget: This is exactly where the money goes to: (In Israeli Shekels. 3.9 Shekels are 1$ US)

Item / Activity Cost
Cost of musician per meeting: 500 Shekels. Amount of musicians: 4. Total cost: 2,000 x 100 ₪200,000
Transportation cost: Transportation for each musician: 50 Shekels x 4 x 100 ₪20,000
Video Documentation ₪15,000
Direct Mailing and Marketing ₪5,000
Project coordinator ₪7,500
Overhead 20% ₪49,500
Total: ₪297,000


דוד נ.
donated: ₪360
חנה ו.
donated: ₪350
Eliezer Yaari
Jerusalem, Israel
donated: ₪100
Naomi L.
ירושלים, Israel
donated: ₪100
לאה פ.
donated: ₪72
יהושע ארגמן
donated: ₪50
Eliezer Yaari
Jerusalem, Israel

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חנה ו.
4 years, 7 months ago


Eliezer Yaari
4 years, 7 months ago

קמפיין חשוב לטובת ירושלים וחיי התרבות בה. בהצלחה!

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