Why give2gether?

Effective and simple online fundraising

  • Raise conversion rates

    Turn a higher ratio of prospects into active donors, supported by our proprietary game-theory based algorithms.

  • Reach New Prospects

    Tap into the power of social networks to reach beyond your current donor base.

  • Engage through Social Media

    Built-in widgets for Facebook and Twitter. Collaborate your fundraising campaign activities and engage existing and potential supporters.

  • Cost Effective

    Name your own license pricing™ lets you set your own quarterly license package by adjusting the fees with donors’ transaction fees. 80% of participating nonprofits recoup their entire yearly license fee within the first week of their first campaign.

  • Encourage Matching

    Provide major donors, foundation sponsors and CSR with the ability to match gifts in an optimized manner.

  • Best analytics for fast optimization

    Know your audience: see donations and supporters statistics on a daily level. Optimize campaign content and structure on the fly for higher ROI!

Recent Activities

  • Susan Wichrowski donated $20

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • תמר י. donated ₪150

  • Susan Wichrowski shared to facebook

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • Norman K. donated $40

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • Palvinder S. donated C$50

  • Shawn B. donated $100

    Niagara University Office of Alumni Engagement
  • margo K. donated $50

    Niagara University Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Michael P. donated $200

    Niagara University Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Jan Cranney shared to facebook

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • Susan R. donated $100

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • Rachelle F. donated $50

    Save a Child's Heart
  • Sharon Boulanger donated $100

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • Jennifer D. donated $25

    Connecticut Humane Society
  • חי ש. donated ₪150

  • eve S. donated $100

    Save a Child's Heart

5 reasons why your community will grow faster

  • Generates high conversion rates from visitors to donors
  • Empowers activists to promote fundraising campaigns
  • Visually displays supporters’ contribution
  • Boosts exposure through social media integration
  • Conditional Giving: improves visitor participation rate
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